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Interfaith service highlights similarities, embraces differences

In the wake of a fatal attack against the Jewish people of Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill community, local religious leaders chose to come together and focus on unity at an Interfaith Gathering on Sunday at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Martinsburg. The service, which was being planned for a few months, took […]

Bishop Knew of Sexual Abuse, Did Nothing

For the first time on television, the former executive assistant to Buffalo’s Bishop Richard Malone explains why she decided to speak out against the bishop for not taking action against priests accused of sexual abuse The Roman Catholic Church is facing its biggest crisis in the United States since the Boston sex abuse scandal 16 […]

Young Catholics urge Vatican: Be LGBT inclusive

World Religion Catholic bishops are entering their final week of debate over hot-button issues facing young Catholics, including how the church should welcome gays and respond to the clerical sex abuse scandal that has discredited many in the church hierarchy. The monthlong synod of bishops ends next Saturday with the adoption by the 260-plus cardinals, […]

We can trust Trump’s Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh to defend religious liberty — our most sacred right

President Trump’s announcement of Brett Kavanaugh as his nominee to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court of the United States is directly in line with the president’s record thus far of selecting nominees who have demonstrated strict adherence to the Constitution. While campaigning for president, Donald Trump promised the American people he would […]

Mega-pastor says there’s little ‘grace’ in Judaism

Mega-pastor Andy Stanley, who boasts one of the largest congregations in America, famously advocating dumping the Old Testament, calling it “outdated and obsolete,” then said the Ten Commandments were no longer applicable, then smeared the God of the Jews and now explains that he sees little “grace” in the Hebrew Bible. The comments in his […]


Andy Stanley asserts Jesus gave one new law ‘as a replacement for everything’ A mega-pastor of one of the largest “evangelical” churches in the U.S. is attacking the Old Testament again, this time insisting Jesus rendered the Ten Commandments null and void, issuing one new law “as a replacement for everything.” Andy Stanley, pastor of […]

Atlanta archbishop invites pro-LGBT priest James Martin to speak in archdiocese

A U.S. archbishop has invited Fr. James Martin, SJ — the most outspoken proponent of the normalization of homosexuality within the Catholic Church — to speak in his diocese. “Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Atlanta has graciously invited me to his archdiocese to speak,” said the Jesuit priest in a tweet, “so I will be speaking […]

UMC Bishop Defends Plan to Soften Church’s Views on Homosexuality

A United Methodist Church bishop has defended a plan to remove the denomination’s official stance against homosexual acts, claiming that while “not perfect” it welcomes both liberals and conservatives. Next year, the UMC will hold a special General Conference to determine whether to retain its official opposition to homosexuality and gay marriage. One proposal, known […]

Pope Francis, facing sexual abuse cover-up claims, touts virtue of silence in Vatican Mass

Pope Francis recommends silence and prayer to react to those seeking scandal and division. Francis offered the advice Monday in his homily at Mass in the Vatican hotel where he lives. Italian Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, a former papal envoy in Washington, stunned the faithful last month by claiming Francis allegedly lifted unconfirmed Vatican sanctions against […]

Pope Faces Crisis of Credibility Over Coverup Accusations

Pope Francis says he will not say one word in response to explosive allegations from a retired Vatican official claiming the pontiff covered up sexual abuse and should resign. Talking to reporters on board the papal plane returning to Rome from Dublin, the Pope dismissively said Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganos testimony speaks for itself and […]