Ministry FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Irvin Baxter?
When will Irvin and Judy Baxter be in my area?
How did Endtime Ministries get started?
What do Endtime Ministries do?
Where is Endtime Ministries located? Are public tours available?
Who oversees Endtime Ministries?
What is the denomination of Irvin Baxter and Endtime Ministries?
Where can I watch the End of the Age broadcast?
Where can I find Endtime Ministries resources?
May I speak to or pray with Irvin?

What is an Endtime Ministries partner?
Do I have to give a certain amount?
Where do I sign up to receive Endtime magazine?
Could you recommend a church in my area?
Can I sell something at a conference or hand out materials?
Can I send a check instead of using a credit card?
Do you issue year-end receipts?
Which web browsers work best with your site?
The Rapture: What do you teach? When is it?