Post-Tribulation Rapture

 The Great Tribulation Many prophecy teachers teach that…

Top Videos of 2015 | Endtime Ministries | End of the Age | Irvin Baxter

The Best Videos of the Year Review the top videos of the year…

Should we Have Children?


Should we Still Have Children?

By Irvin Baxter

  Question: Caitlin from Indiana called to ask Irvin, since so much turmoil has broken loose and times seem very chaotic, should we have children?

Signs of the End Times: A Checklist of What’s to Come

The series of events that serve as signs of the end times are…

Is Luke 21:36 Talking About the Rapture?

Mary from Texas had a question about Luke 21:36 where it says, “I watch therefore and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass and to stand before the Son of Man.” Do some people think this is speaking of the rapture?

The Lord’s Second Coming

Wendy in Ontario wants to know if Irvin is looking forward to the Lord’s Second Coming, or would he delay it if he could.

Prophetic Fulfillments of 2011 – World War III

Since we now live in the “end of the age”, most world events…

The Fifth Seal

Why were these people slain? For the Word of God, and for the…

Two Simultaneous Harvests

Two harvests are described in the Bible; a good harvest and a…

The Rapture

The majority of the Evangelical Movement has taught of a pretribulation…

He’s Coming in the Clouds

Jesus Comes in the Clouds “Today’s weather for Jerusalem.…

The Day and Hour: Who Knows?

Can We Know When the Second Coming of Jesus will Happen? “But…