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Pope issues disturbing New Age pronouncements during Earth Day address

The world has becoming a frightening place in the past few months and many people have even speculated that the end of the world is nigh. And Pope Francis, the leader of the Catholic Church, did not help to assuage those fears when, on Earth Day, he advised the billions of Catholics around the world […]

Pope Francis: Future of EU depends on coronavirus response

Pope Francis called the coronavirus outbreak “an epochal challenge” that will affect the future of the EU in his annual Easter speech Sunday. “Today, the EU finds itself faced with an epochal challenge, on which not only its future but also that of the entire world will depend. Let us not miss the opportunity to demonstrate, […]

Pope Francis Suggests ‘Universal Basic Wage’ In Letter: ‘So Human And So Christian … No Worker Without Rights’

In an Easter letter to “brothers and sisters of popular movements and organizations,” Pope Francis wrote about the struggles of the poor and “marginalized,” and offered prayer and blessings to them. The letter also appeared to cast a negative light on the world as it currently operates. For example, Francis wondered in writing about the […]

Pope Backs UN Chief’s Call for Global Ceasefire to Focus on Coronavirus

Pope Francis on Sunday backed a call by United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres for a global ceasefire so the world can focus on fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Speaking at his weekly blessing, delivered from the official papal library instead of St. Peter’s Square because of the lockdown in Italy, Francis specifically mentioned the appeal Guterres […]

Tax the Rich: Pope Francis Calls for Global Wealth Redistribution

“Every year hundreds of billions of dollars, which should be paid in taxes to fund health care and education, accumulate in tax haven accounts,” the pontiff told participants in a Vatican seminar, “thus impeding the possibility of the dignified and sustained development of all social agents.” “Today’s structures of sin include repeated tax cuts for […]

Youth, interfaith dialogue, and peace dominate Pope’s foreign trips in 2019

Pope Francis, known in his native Argentina for never leaving home, collected more frequent-flyer miles in 2019 than in any of the previous six years of his pontificate, traveling to Panama, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Bulgaria and North Macedonia, Romania, Mozambique, Madagascar, Mauritius, Thailand and Japan. Though each trip had its own raison d’etre, […]

Pope Francis Unveils Globalist New World Religion at Summit with United Nations Leader

Pope Francis’ war on traditional Catholicism has been ramping up recently, and he castigated Catholics who believe in tradition and refuse to warp Biblical scripture to appease a godless world for creating a “minefield of misunderstanding and hatred.” “Rigidity and imbalance fuel one another in a vicious circle,” he said. “And these days, the temptation […]

Pope warns of ‘rigidity’ in living out Christian faith

Pope Francis warned Saturday that “rigidity” in living out the Christian faith is creating a “minefield” of hatred and misunderstanding in a world where Christianity is increasingly irrelevant. Francis called for Vatican bureaucrats to instead embrace change during his annual Christmas greetings to the cardinals, bishops and priests who work in the Holy See. Francis’ […]

Pope Francis petitions UN for new annual secular celebration of ‘human fraternity’

  In the latest sign of the importance Pope Francis attributes to his contentious Abu Dhabi interreligious initiative, he has now united with the Grand Imam of al-Azhar Mosque in Egypt, Ahmed el-Tayeb, in petitioning the United Nations to declare February 4 the annual World Day of Human Fraternity, the Vatican has announced. February 4 […]

Pope Francis: So Many Christians Persecuted Today ‘in Europe’

Pope Francis reminded visiting pilgrims Wednesday that Christians today continue to be persecuted and to give their lives as martyrs throughout the world, even in Europe. “Around the world today, in Europe, so many Christians are persecuted and give their lives for their faith,” the pope told the thousands gathered in the Vatican’s Paul VI […]