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China is living the future of mobile pay right now

Mobile pay is taking China by storm and changing daily commerce.The transformation of a society limited to bills denominated in 100 yuan ($15) or less into one where QR payment codes abound was by far the biggest change in mainland China since my last visit four years ago.When eating out or shopping with local friends, […]

Rise of the machines in the fight against cybercrime

It’s no secret that incidences of fraud are increasing, with the Government reporting that it is now one of the most prominent crimes in the UK. Our Fraud & Risk report found that in 2016, two-thirds (65%) of large organisations detected a cybersecurity breach. In addition, the biggest concern cited by UK businesses in our […]

Should We Move to a Mostly Cashless Society?

The role of cash in the U.S. economy is shrinking, thanks to technology that allows for so many other ways to pay for things.American consumers used cash in 32% of all retail transactions in 2015, down from 40% in 2012, according to the Federal Reserve’s most recent survey of payment choices.Cash accounted for just 9% […]

Homeland Security grants SC a ‘grace period’ on REAL ID enforcement

South Carolina has been granted grace period by the Department of Homeland Security for REAL ID enforcement, according to the Department of Motor Vehicles.The REAL ID Act requires forms of identification to meet federal standards in order to access federal buildings, military facilities and commercial flights. Without a REAL ID-compliant license, South Carolinians can still […]

Facial Biometric Database

The widespread use of facial recognition technology is almost upon us. A new iPhone is on the horizon, and it might not even have a fingerprint reader—instead, you could be unlocking your phone with your face. Facial recognition is not new. It’s been a sci-fi staple for decades, and its practical roots are in the […]

lllinois seeking one more Real ID extension

State officials said last week they are in the process of seeking another extension to comply with the federal Real ID act, the last one they believe will be necessary before Illinois can comply with the law. Nathan Maddox, senior legal adviser to Secretary of State Jesse White, said the office expects to submit the […]

Michigan to begin issuing new REAL ID driver’s licenses

Starting Monday, the state of Michigan will begin to issue new and different driver’s licenses. A federal law is requiring everyone that wants to fly domestically to switch over to what’s called a REAL ID. After 911, the federal government wanted to find a way to make air travel safer for everyone. “Starting January of […]

Montana moves to be compliant with IDs

Officials with the Department of Justice are urging residents to continually check the departments website for current information regarding Real ID compliant identification.Terry Davis, western regional manager of the Department of Justice / Driver Licensing Bureau, said by visiting doj.mt.gov/driving, residents can stay updated.Davis explained that the Real ID Act was developed because the federal […]

Scientists remotely hacked a brain, controlling body movements

Imagine someone remotely controlling your brain, forcing your body’s central processing organ to send messages to your muscles that you didn’t authorize. It’s an incredibly scary thought, but scientists have managed to accomplish this science fiction nightmare for real, albeit on a much small scale, and they were even able to prompt their test subject […]

Kansas starts issuing Real ID-compliant licenses

Riley County residents renewing their driver’s licenses between now and 2020 may need to bring additional documents. The Real ID Act, which Congress passed in 2005, establishes new security standards for licenses and identification cards to be implemented in 2020 and is meant to detect any attempt by terrorists to use fraudulent IDs. As of […]