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Cashless debit card trial to expand in WA

The federal government’s cashless debit card will be expanded to Western Australia’s Goldfields region after legislation cleared the Senate.Existing sites in Ceduna in South Australia and WA’s East Kimberley area will have their trials extended to June 2019 after the Nick Xenophon Team and other crossbenchers supported the bill.Under the scheme, 80 per cent of […]

Privacy experts alarmed as Amazon moves into the health care industry

Amazon.com on Tuesday announced a joint partnership with Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan to create an independent health-care company for their employees, putting an end to months of speculation that the technology giant was eyeing a foray into the medical industry. It’s yet another endeavor for the company, which last year spent $13.7 billion to enter the grocery business with […]

‘Police state’ national ID card tucked in major bill

Inserted in a sweeping House bill introduced earlier this month called Securing America’s Future Act of 2018 is the establishment of a new biometric National ID card for all Americans that has privacy activists sounding alarms.Introduced by Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., H.R. 4760 encompasses issues such as education, Homeland Security and the military. Buried in […]

India’s digital ID project could violate rights of millions, campaigners say

India’s ambitious biometric identity project could lead to millions of people being denied access to essential services and benefits in violation of their human rights, campaigners said, ahead of key court hearings on the legitimacy of the program.India launched Aadhaar, now the world’s biggest biometric database, in 2009 to streamline welfare payments and cut wastage […]

Louisiana gets another extension for REAL ID enforcement

Louisianans have until October 10, 2018 to replace their old driver’s licenses with REAL IDs.According to Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles, the deadline for states to have REAL IDs in place is Jan. 22 (just a few weeks away), but the federal government has granted Louisiana an extension. Louisiana driver’s licenses will still be an […]

Nationwide e-payments to push cashless society goal

AS PART OF Thailand’s aspiration to become a cashless society, the country will soon adopt a new nationwide e-payment method using the so-called QR Code familiar to social media users. The Bank of Thailand has approved plans by five commercial banks to introduce the QR Code e-payment service – Kasikornbank, Siam Commercial Bank, Bangkok Bank, […]

More Businesses Stop Taking Cash

The almighty dollar might be losing its muscle.Cashless businesses are no longer an isolated phenomenon at a slew of small businesses and eateries in neighborhoods across New York City, The New York Times reported.And in Chicago, the Salvation Army is considering accepting credit or debit cards next year, as it continues to look for ways to keep […]

Visa Study: Consumers Want Biometric Authentication, Not Passwords

A recent study has found that consumers are aware of, and are favorably disposed to, authentication methods that don’t include traditional passwords. Sponsored by Visa and conducted by AYTM Market Research, the survey of 1,000 U.S. consumers revealed that biometric authentication methods top the list of preferred password alternatives.Smartphones Give Way to Smarter AuthenticationThe shift […]

Indian court stalls world’s biggest ID database plan

India’s ambitious plans to force its 1.3 billion citizens to use biometric identity cards to access government benefits have fallen foul of the country’s highest court which says the project could undermine rights to privacy.  After finding that the biometric ID, referred to as Aadhaar ID, infringes on the right to privacy, the Supreme Court […]

New BioID PhotoVerify Web Service Provides Convenient and Secure Identity Proofing

“With our new PhotoVerify API, we are happy to offer online services yet another strong tool for hassle-free identity management and authentication.”— Ho Chang, CEO, BioIDThe cloud biometrics company BioID has recently announced BioID PhotoVerify to simplify the process for online providers to use facial recognition to verify legal identities without registration in person or […]