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Digital Rights Group Asks EU to Ban Biometric Mass Surveillance

European Digital Rights (EDRi) is asking the European Union to ban all forms of biometric mass surveillance. The organization’s latest paper also calls for the suspension of any such programs that are already in place, noting that biometric surveillance is currently being explored in at least 15 EU member states. EDRi is a digital rights […]

Contact tracing by app: life-saving or invasion of privacy?

For many Americans, it’s only a matter of weeks before the cell phones in their pockets start measuring how close they’ve come to COVID-19. But advocates, scientists and researchers are monitoring the spread of something they deem to be important, too, and that’s how close these mobile applications come to invading privacy and encroaching on […]

Cashless transactions spike as Covid-19 forces public to adapt

The Covid-19 outbreak has drastically accelerated Singapore’s shift to a cashless world, with unprecedented growth in the number of e-payment transactions amid a sharp decrease in cash withdrawals and deposits. Not only are more people buying necessities using grocery and food delivery apps and paying for them using cards, they are also paying for goods […]

Should Our Societies Go Cashless?

For a lot of us of a certain age (let’s say for all of us who vividly remember the pre-internet years), cash has been an integral part of our lives. It was there when we bought our first candy bar, our first beer, our first taxi ride. Heck, it was there when we got our […]

SpaceX’s Elon Musk wants the Space Force to become Star Fleet

Last December, around the time that Congress passed and President Trump signed into law the legislation that created the United States Space Force, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk tweeted, “Starfleet begins.” Musk’s tweet was put down to an excess of exuberance. For the foreseeable future, the closest that Space Force personnel will get to war fighting in space […]

React Mobile Unveils Next Generation BLE 5.0 Beacon Safety Technology to Precisely Pinpoint Employee Location In Multi-Story Buildings

React Mobile, the original inventor of the BLE panic button and market-leading hospitality safety technology provider, today announced the release of their latest product, the BLE 5.0 Beacon. The device is a discreet, easy to conceal tool that connects to React Mobile’s safety platform to deliver precise room-level location accuracy indoors in multi-story buildings. Whether […]

State proposes spy cameras to charge ‘presumed guilty’ citizens

Virginia has been a flashpoint for abortion since Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam advocated infanticide during a radio interview about a radical bill in the legislature. And the state is sharply divided over majority Democratic lawmakers proposing a slew of radical gun-control measures. Now, the legislature is considering the deployment of automated cameras and radar to […]

This app lets you see IoT devices around you and what data they’re taking

A new app launched in February will let you know what internet of things technologies are operating around you and what data they’re collecting. The Internet of Things Assistant app and its infrastructure, created by Carnegie Mellon researchers, aims to give you more control over the devices tracking your activity and information. With the app, […]

SpaceX launches another round of internet satellites, misses 50th booster landing

After the fog cleared over Cape Canaveral Monday a Falcon 9 rocket blasted off carrying another batch of SpaceX satellites as part of the company’s goal to create a space-based internet. The rocket launched at 10:05 a.m. minutes after the fog appeared to part ways revealing a mostly clear blue sky. Sixty Starlink satellites were […]

Why Banning Cashless Is Baseless

On Thursday, the New York City Council voted to ban stores from going cashless. Claiming that cashless stores are discriminatory, Bronx Councilman Ritchie Torres said, “Cash is the great equalizer, it is the universal currency.” While his intentions were noble, it’s this kind of fear—that society isn’t ready for improvement and increased efficiency—that slows the […]