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Turkey joins Qatari bid to broker Israel-Hamas deal

According to various sources in Gaza, the basic plan, which has been dubbed “Tahdiat Ala’amar” (ceasefire for reconstruction) in the Strip, will include a five-year moratorium on hostilities between the two sides.   Turkey’s contribution to the plan is the idea of creating a floating harbor across from the Strip’s coast, where ships bringing merchandise to Gaza can drop anchor. […]

Shapiro noncommittal on US veto of UN draft forcing Israeli withdrawal to ’67 lines

The United States ambassador to Israel refused Wednesday to commit to a veto of an anticipated French-backed UN Security Council resolution that would create a new international framework for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and is likely to set a timeline for an Israeli withdrawal to the pre-1967 lines.   In an interview with Army Radio, […]

Israelis who hate Israel—and the Christians who fund them

While most Israelis celebrated 67 years of independence last week, a fringe Israeli non-governmental organization (NGO) hopes this year will be the last for the Jewish state. Zochrot, a tiny radical anti-Zionist group, was established with the aim of “rais[ing] public awareness of the Palestinian Nakba (“Catastrophe” in Arabic)” and “recognizing and materializing the right […]

After Air Strikes on Syria, Israel Warns Iran to Stop Arming Hezbollah

Israel reportedly carried out at least three airstrikes in Syria over the past two days, and on Sunday its defense minister warned Iran to stop arming Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shi’ite terrorist group that has long been Tehran’s proxy in its fight against Israel.   Israeli officials commented formally on only one of three reported strikes […]

Israel to observe first UN nuclear meeting in 20 years in bid to foster Arab ties

Israel will take part as an observer in a major nuclear non-proliferation conference that opens at the United Nations on Monday, ending a 20-year absence in hope of fostering dialogue with Arab states, a senior Israeli official said.   Assumed to have the Middle East’s sole nuclear arsenal, and having never joined the nuclear Non-Proliferation […]

Marco Rubio Files Amendment to Force Iran to Recognize Israel as Jewish State

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has already filed seven amendments, some with the backing of Republican colleagues. They include a proposal to require certification that Iran has recognized Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state and another to require certification that the Iranian government has released all detained Americans.   Neither of those are certifications Obama would […]

Republicans blast White House for ‘imperiled’ Israel ties, pledge improved relations

Vying for the attention of major donors, Republicans attending a Jewish forum for presidential contenders said they would make better relations with Israel a priority.   The four-day long gathering in Las Vegas at the Venetian Resort, owned by Sheldon Adelson, a major backer of the Republican Jewish Coalition, drew more  700 activists from across the country. […]

Israeli strike in Syria was aimed at thwarting attack on strategic targets in Golan

An attack allegedly carried out by Israeli fighter jets against targets in Syria over the weekend was aimed at thwarting plans to attack strategic Israeli targets in the Golan Heights, Kuwaiti daily Al-Jarida reported on Sunday, citing a Western diplomatic source.   The attack took place overnight Friday, targeting Syrian military bases housing long-range missiles, […]

Saudi Arabia following in footsteps of Israel

Saudi Arabia is a betrayer who is “following in the footsteps of Israel and the Zionists,” the commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard said Monday.   Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari’s comments came amid the Saudi-led coalition’s military campaign against Iranian-backed Shi’ite Houthi rebels who are trying to take over Yemen.   “Today, Saudi Arabia is […]

8,345,000 people living in Israel

About 6,251,000 Jews currently live in Israel, comprising 74.9 percent of the total population. The Arab population stands at 1,730,000 (20.7 percent) and 364,000 people are identified as “others”, including non-Arab Christians, members of other religions and those not classified by religion, comprising 4.4 percent of the population. Since the last Independence Day, Israel’s population […]