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Netanyahu, Bennett strike deal, facilitating new government

Netanyahu and Bennett announced their coalition deal on Wednesday night, with the Bayit Yehudi leader committing to join the government, but have yet to sign the deal in order to give Bennett 24 hours to iron out final details.   “Finally, there’s a government in Israel,” Bennett said at a late-night press conference. “This isn’t […]

Anti-Semitism and Israel’s moral imperative

Horrific outbursts against the Jews are on the rise all over Europe – exclamations like “gas the Jews” and “Jews burn best” are being heard at soccer games and similar social gatherings. While there is nothing to excuse or justify such hateful speech, some effort still needs to be made to understand why this is […]

Israel’s Netanyahu faces deadline to form coalition

His Likud party won March’s election but he is still trying to strike deals with other parties to gain a majority.   On Monday, former ally Avigdor Lieberman said his Yisrael Beitenu party would not join the coalition.   If one is not formed by midnight (21:00 GMT), President Reuven Rivlin will offer the chance […]

Judge allows right-wing activist Yehuda Glick to return to Temple Mount

Following an October assassination attempt that nearly took his life – and a subsequent court-ordered ban from visiting the Temple Mount – a Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court judge on Tuesday ruled that Yehudah Glick may return to the contested holy site on a limited basis.   Despite police opposition alleging that Glick, a spokesman for the […]

Russian Missile Sale to Iran Involves Unseen Deals With Israel

Last month, when President Vladimir Putin of Russia announced plans to sell a powerful anti-missile system to Iran before the lifting of international sanctions, Israel was quick to join the U.S. in expressing shock and anger.   But behind the public announcements is a little-known web of arms negotiations and secret diplomacy. In recent years, Israel and Russia have engaged […]

‘This Deal Makes War A Certainty’

The effort to tie the nuclear deal to Iran’s recognition of Israel is currently pending as an amendment, authored by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), to a bill aimed at granting Congress oversight of the final nuclear agreement. Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) on Thursday pulled an unusual procedural move to force a vote on this amendment. […]

I don’t believe Israel would hit Iran without consulting us first

Kerry was adamant, nonetheless, that the criticism is misplaced, and that the deal emphatically benefits Israel. “We will not sign a deal that does not close off Iran’s pathways to a bomb and that doesn’t give us the confidence — to all of our experts, in fact to global experts — that we will be able […]

Israel police clash with Ethiopian Jewish protesters

Thousands of Israeli Jews of Ethiopian origin had taken part in a rally before some demonstrators tried to storm the city’s municipality building.   Police fired tear gas and stun grenades as protesters threw bottles and bricks.   Tensions have risen after video emerged last week showing two policemen beating an Ethiopian Israeli soldier.   Two officers […]

Israel would gain from Iran nuclear deal, says former IAEA chief Blix

Hans Blix, former chief of the UN nuclear watchdog, said he was cautious about the chances of a final deal being clinched between Iran and major world powers aimed at reining in Tehran’s nuclear program.   Following more than a decade of brinkmanship, eight days of marathon talks in Lausanne this month ended with an […]

Will Israel finally get a stable government?

Since 2003, whenever governments in Israel are formed, the coalition negotiations have taken place at Ramat Gan’s Kfar Hamaccabiah Hotel.   Delegations from the parties make statements to the press with great fanfare upon entering the negotiating room, and again when they depart.   Journalists would wait there for hours, hoping for headlines.   Sometimes, […]