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Analysis: Erdogan victory could mean more Turkey-Israel crises

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s resounding election victory came as bad news for Israel, which has suffered the brunt of his insults and schemes.   Erdogan’s ruling Islamist AK Party now has a free hand to continue its crackdown against the local media that criticizes its government and others that are deemed to be enemies […]

Hamas: ‘Intifada’ killed the Balfour Declaration

The Hamas paper has given new significance to the Israeli government’s concession Saturday, when it returned the bodies of five terrorists in breach of a Security Cabinet decision, and thereby let the Palestinian Authority (PA) hold a massive funeral for them in Hevron.   Faiz Abu Shamalah wrote in the Hamas-run Palestine Paper, analyzing the meaning of the […]

Top Hamas official: This intifada will never stop

According to Hammad, Allah took it upon himself “to persecute the Jews – the slayers of the Prophets, the bloodsuckers, the killers of the martyrs and of anyone who sacrifices himself.”   “This intifada and this jihad will never stop despite the security coordination,” he continued. “If you are true Palestinians, you will use weapons […]

Hamas call for ‘day of rage’ Friday

Earlier in the week, the IDF deployed two additional battalions to its Judea and Samria Division, three companies to the Jerusalem-West Bank perimeter area, and two reinforcement battalions to the Gaza border, to deal with disturbances along the security fence there.   On Thursday night, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud […]

Hamas call for ‘day of rage’ Friday

Hamas has called for “Friday confrontations” with IDF forces in the West Bank and along the Gaza border with Israel as part of a Palestinian “day of rage.”   Security forces were bracing for possible outbursts of violence after Thursday passed with a rare day of relative calm amid two weeks of nearly daily attacks. […]

Israel Strikes Hamas Targets in Response to Gaza Rocket Fire

The Israel Air Force struck Hamas military facilities in the Gaza Strips north early on Monday in response to rocket fire from the enclave.The Israel Defense Forces said in a statement that it had targeted “terror infrastructure” belonging to Hamas, adding that it holds the organization responsible for the escalation. According to sources in Gaza, the […]

Senior Palestinian official calls for unification of Islamic Jihad, Hamas into PLO

Prominent Palestinian politician and former Fatah member Muhammad Dahlan called for the integration of all Palestinian factions, including Islamic Jihad and Hamas, into the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s new government, BBC Arabic reported late last week.   Dahlan, a former leader of Fatah in Gaza, said in his interview that “the homeland of Palestine and the […]

Palestinian Authority continues large scale arrests of Hamas members

Palace reports denied Officials from the Palestinian Authority have denied reports that a $13 million presidential palace was being constructed as a personal residence for the president, or that it was being paid for with public money. Palestinian news agency Ma’an reported that instead the palace will be a leadership headquarters and a residence to […]

Israel Air Force targets Hamas munitions operation in Gaza after rocket attack

After a rocket landed in Israel on Thursday, the Israel Air Force responded by attacking a weapons manufacturing target in Gaza, the IDF said.   The site belonged to Hamas and was located in the central part of the coastal territory, according to the IDF.   The army said that it viewed the “Hamas terror […]

Analysis: An Israel-Turkey-Hamas rapprochement?

The long-awaited approval of the natural gas deal by the Israeli government has the potential of turning Israel into a major energy exporter and therefore into a different kind of geopolitical player. This change is already being felt vis-à-vis a former regional ally-turned-challenger: Turkey.   In September 2014, the owners of the Leviathan gas field […]