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Germany: Israeli settlements must not undermine Mideast peace

Israeli settlement building must not undermine efforts to relaunch peace talks with the Palestinians, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said on Monday, adding that Israel’s security was also important. “It has to be the will of the parties to create results which mean that Israel and Palestine can coexist peacefully in the Middle East,” Steinmeier […]

Berlin attack shows the limits of security intelligence

The Christmas market truck assault in Berlin, which has left 12 dead and dozens injured, is a disturbing echo of the truck-borne attack on Bastille Day celebrants on the Nice promenade in July. How could such events be allowed to happen? Why weren’t intelligence agencies in Germany and France able to stay one step ahead […]

Germany slams settlement bill that legalizes outposts

Germany issued a harsh condemnation on Wednesday of the settlement regulation bill that would retroactively legalize unauthorized outposts, saying if the legislation passes it would undermine confidence in Israel’s commitment to a two-state solution. The spokesman for Germany’s Foreign Ministry said that “Israeli governments, and also Prime Minister Netanyahu, have repeatedly committed themselves to evacuating […]

Obama and Angela Merkel Blame Internet and Social Media for Disrupting Globalism

President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are blaming the internet for disrupting the forces of globalism, suggesting that technology is making it more difficult to unite people behind a common purpose. “Because of the internet and communications, the clash of cultures is much more direct,” Obama said during a press conference on his […]

Obama, With Angela Merkel in Berlin, Assails Spread of Fake News

In his strongest public comments since the election, President Obama on Thursday sharply criticized the spread of fake news online and said that President-elect Donald J. Trump would not remain in office for long if he failed to take the job seriously. Mr. Obama made his remarks at a news conference in Berlin beside the […]

Prominent German Economist Predicts Italy’s Withdrawal From Eurozone

Amid the ongoing crisis of European integration, Eurosceptic parties and sentiments are on the rise across the EU. In particular, Italy risks leaving the eurozone in the coming future. The European Union is currently in a deep crisis, including an unprecedented influx of refugees and financial tribulations across the eurozone. Prominent German economist Hans Werner Sinn, former president […]

Leaders to meet in Berlin for Ukraine peace talks

The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, will host a meeting in Berlin with the Russian, Ukrainian and French presidents on Wednesday to discuss efforts towards peace in eastern Ukraine in their first summit in a year, her office has said.   Merkel has invited the Russian president Vladimir Putin, Ukraine’s president Petro Poroshenko and the French […]

German minister: Iran must recognize Israel

German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel insists that Iran will only be able to have normal relations with his country if it recognizes Israel.   Speaking to the Der Spiegel news magazine and quoted by Reuters, Gabriel said Iran could only have normal, friendly relations with Germany when it accepted the right of Israel to exist. […]

Germany preparing Deutsche Bank bailout plan, reports claim

The German government is working on an emergency rescue plan for Deutsche Bank, according to information obtained by newspaper Die Zeit, contradicting a statement from the bank’s chief executive that state aid is “out of the question”.   Angela Merkel’s government is preparing a two-stage plan for the “worst case scenario”, whereby the US justice […]

Obama-era surveillance worse than Stasi, says Oliver Stone

US film director Oliver Stone on Thursday accused President Barack Obama’s administration of implementing a surveillance system worse than that of the feared Stasi secret police in East Germany.   Speaking at the San Sebastian film festival in northern Spain, where he presented his film “Snowden,” Stone said many in the US had grown disillusioned […]