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China and North Korea Reveal Sudden, and Deep, Cracks in Their Friendship

For decades, North Korea could count on China as a loyal ally despite the erratic behavior of the ruling Kim dynasty. Beijing held its tongue, even as its neighbor engaged in saber rattling, nuclear testing and bombastic threats. But by this week, things may have gone too far, with North Korea unleashing a tirade in […]

How America can take control in the South China Sea

Rex Tillerson, the former ExxonMobil chief who just became the new U.S. secretary of state, might not be causing the same level of global disruption as his boss, President Donald Trump. But in his Senate confirmation hearing on Jan. 11, he sent shockwaves through the China-watching community, vowing: “We’re going to have to send China […]

U.S. Aircraft Carrier, Warplanes and Destroyer Begin ‘Routine Operations’ in South China Sea

The United States deployed the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson, warplanes and a destroyer to the disputed waters of the South China Sea on Saturday, according to a U.S. Navy statement. The carrier strike group includes the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Wayne E. Meyer and aircraft from Carrier Air Wing 2. The vessels began […]

US twin sea buildup against China, NKorea, Iran

Donald Trump marked his first month as US President with two major military gambits in the Middle East, Asia and the South China Sea. Early Sunday, Feb. 19, the US Navy said that the Nimitz-class USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier and strike group had begun patrols in the disputed waters of the South China Sea. […]

Chinese Army: Threat of War with U.S. ‘More Real’ Under Trump

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has published a commentary assuring Chinese readers that it is investing in preparations for potential war with the United States, citing the threat of a more robust American international presence, particularly in the South China Sea. “The People’s Liberation Army said in a commentary on its official website last […]

China tests new extremely long-range missile that could muscle the US out of the South China Sea

Chinese media on Thursday indicated ongoing work on a new long range air-to-air missile that seems tailor-made to give the US Air Force problems when operating in the Pacific. As Business Insider has previously covered, tensions between the US and China have been steadily ratcheting up over the last few years, and they have spiked since […]

China hits back at US over South China Sea claims

China has asserted its “indisputable sovereignty” over parts of the South China Sea after the Trump administration vowed to prevent China from taking territory in the region. The Chinese foreign ministry said Beijing would “remain firm to defend its rights in the region”. White House spokesman Sean Spicer said on Monday the US would “make […]

White House: The US will stop China from taking over territory in international waters

President Donald Trump’s administration promised on Monday that the US would stop China from taking over land in international waters in the South China Sea, but seemed to back off more hawkish claims made by secretary of state nominee Rex Tillerson at a senate hearing. “I think the US is going to make sure that […]

Is China Going To War? Nuclear Missiles Deployed To Russian Border, Putin’s Kremlin Responds

The Chinese government reportedly deployed nuclear missiles to the Russia-China border in the northeast Heilongjiang province, an act Russian President Vladimir Putin’s government described as a nonissue Tuesday, Russian and Chinese media reported. The ballistic missiles, called the Dongfeng-41 Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, are capable of traveling up to 15,000 kilometers and was successfully tested with dummy […]

China Daily: Beijing will ‘take off the gloves’ if Trump continues ‘gambit’ over Taiwan

China has shown restraint in the face of provocations by US President-elect Donald Trump over Taiwan, but if he continues after assuming office Beijing will “take off the gloves,” an official Chinese state-run newspaper said on Monday. Trump broke with decades of precedent last month by taking a congratulatory telephone call from Taiwanese President Tsai […]