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Erekat: Make peace or ISIS will take over

Speaking at a Rome conference on Mediterranean security and quoted by AFP, Erekat claimed that the radical jihadism of Islamic State could only be defeated long-term through a resolution of the Palestinian question and the establishment of democracy in Arab countries.   “Ever since the beginning of Islam there have been people and organizations seeking […]

Arabs erred in rejecting 1947 Palestine partition, says Joint List head

He tried to understand the Arabs’ decision within the context that they were “the natives of this place, and suddenly came the Jews with the Zionist idea of a Jewish home – a Jewish home, not a home of all its citizens, but a Jewish home with a story of two thousand years.”   This […]

Unrest worsens fear, suspicion among Jews and Arab Israelis

As violence grips Jerusalem and other cities, a climate of suspicion has threatened even the most basic interactions between Jews and Israeli Arabs, not to mention Palestinians.   Israeli authorities have long sought to stress the diverse nature of their society, with Israeli Arabs and Jews living together.   But while some cities are relatively […]

Middle East Update

Will it be Peace or War? While running for the presidency, Candidate Obama promised that he would not wait till the last year of his presidency to work for peace in the Middle East. He said he would start in the first year.   You can mark this as one promise that has been kept. One […]