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Top 10 ‘inter-religious’ cities in the world

Inter-religious dialogue is widely considered an important element to achieving international peace. In acknowledging this, Al Arabiya has selected the cities where this dialogue is imprinted in the urban structure. There are cities in which mosques, churches and temples can be found next to each other. Such close proximity shows that communication between different religions […]

‘Interfaith’ dialogue deceptively successful

A former imam is warning of the grave dangers of Islam and cautioning church leaders to avoid being lassoed into an anti-Christ movement. A convert to Christianity from Islam, Dr. Mark Christian addressed pastors and other church leaders at an online event hosted by the American Pastors Network. Dr. Christian, executive director of Global Faith […]

Interfaith dialogue brings Christian, Muslim leaders together

Abouzar Ebrahimi Torkman heads a religious mission to Moscow to participate in a meeting with head of Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, where a session was held on Tuesday. Patriarch Kirill of Moscow said that 10 past sessions had brought great achievements for the dialogue; “we believed such dialogues should regularly continue to […]