WATCH: Kellyanne Conway Calls Hillary Clinton ‘Queen Of Abortion’

On Sunday, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway appeared on “Fox & Friends” to talk about the midterm elections, which are just two days away.

During the segment, host Katie Pavlich brought up a piece from The New York Times in which the author suggests that women who voted for President Trump are afraid of losing the “world they largely know – Christian, conservative, and white.”

Pavlich then stated: “So if you’re a woman supporting Trump, you’re a racist.”

Conway replied:

That’s completely ridiculous, as you know. Women are – they put a lot into their voter consideration. They are not single issue voters; we’re not single issue thinkers. We can do the math. We see the economy. In fact, the economy for women is the best it’s been in decades, literally…

Women see that growth is above 4%; unemployment is below 4%. Best unemployment figures among women in 65 plus years. The deregulation has helped so many small business-owning women and aspiring small business-owning women to go ahead and form those businesses, to expand them, to hire – not to contract, but to expand. And women know, even beyond the economy, what this president has done in terms of law and order, and respecting our military, and our veterans; border security is national security.


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  1. Ansohn
    Ansohn says:

    This is KC’s way of seeing. There can be another one.
    There is always a flip side to the medal. Not so brilliant.
    KC expresses materialistic, earthly views.
    Very comfortable on this earth doomed to judgment by fire ..
    What could Jesus think of this interview?

  2. Brightedge1
    Brightedge1 says:

    Hillary has said multiple times she supported even late stage abortions. That means right up to giving birth. Hillary defended as a public defender a man who raped a twelve year old girl so hard her uterus was damaged for life. I listened to the interview of her describing the case and yes she actually laughed about it and how the guy passed a lie detector test. Her husband clearly talks in one of his books about Voodo in a positive light. Bill has been documented on being on the Lolita Express over twenty times and Hillary also had been on the plane. These people are evil. This comment will probably not be posted as it will be to risky. End Times will allow left leaning people onto to this site to guilt hardworking Christian people who stand with Trump but will they allow the unsavory truth about what the Left has done and continue to do to this country?

  3. Ansohn
    Ansohn says:

    Politicized Christians with their little red or blue flags
    are marching towards Babylon.
    From which the end will be destruction, Judgment of God.


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