Waqf guards to stand trial after attack on Temple Mount

Several guards of the Waqf who attacked a group of archeologists on Temple Mount last week are expected to stand trial as the investigation of the incident approaches its conclusion.


The police have already gathered sufficient evidence to bring the suspects before a criminal court for the alleged unprovoked assault. “This looked liked the beginning of a lynch. They punched and they kicked,” testified one archeologists who was attacked. Others involved are expected to be investigated to strengthen the testimony prior to the submission of the indictment against the offending guards.


The suspects, Hamza Nabal, Hamza Disi and Riad Zajeer, who are all residents of East Jerusalem, deny the charges leveled against them.


A delicate and tense relationship between the Waqf, the police, the Muslim and Jewish visitors is preserved on the Temple Mount. According to the Jewish worshippers and other officials, Waqf guards responsible for managing religious institutions as part of the status quo agreements often deviate from their assigned tasks


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