US team negotiating with Iran ‘insulted’ by accusations of politics

American delegates negotiating with Iran over its nuclear program have traveled to Austria eighteen times over the last two years. They have logged hundreds of thousands of air miles. And they are not happy with criticism that they are “eager” for an historic agreement at any cost.


Speaking to a small group of reporters here in Vienna on Tuesday, one senior administration official said it was “ludicrous” that the team— after engaging in such an intensive, near-constant slog— would force movement on key issues at the very end of that effort.


“Quite frankly, when people say that we’re rushing to an agreement, I find it somewhat insulting,” the official said, “to me, to the team, and to the secretary and to the president.”


Indeed, that team has literally camped out here in Vienna— and not always in comfort. Nearly all of the president’s negotiators have been living for weeks out of hotel rooms scattered around the city, all some distance from the luxurious Palais Coburg, where the talks themselves are based.


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