Tens of thousands of Jews returning to Israel

After being spread throughout the world for 2,000 years – and just 70 years after the rebirth of Israel as a nation – tens of thousands of Jews are returning to their homeland, as prophesied is the Bible.


From around the globe, Jews are making “aliyah” – or returning to their ancient Holy Land – fulfilling Bible prophesy that marks the beginning of the End Times.


“They come from all over the world to a place many have never been,” CBN News reports. “Yet the Jewish people have longed to return to this land for thousands of years.”


No place like home

Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky – who oversees the campaign to bring Jews back home – calls the return to Israel the “Gathering of the Exiles” – a movement that saw 27,000 new Jewish immigrants move to Israel last year – with more than 3,600 of them coming from the United States alone.


“For almost 3,000 years we were disconnected, but we were praying for Jerusalem, so it’s really the gathering of the exiles – and it continues every day,” Sharansky told CBN News. “I’m very proud to be head of the organization now, which brought 3.5 million Jews from the creation of the State of Israel and 700,000 from Arab countries; a few hundred thousand Jews from concentration camps from Europe; 1 million from [the] Soviet Union. We reached Ethiopia and brought more than 100,000 Jews, [and also] the Lost Tribes.”


When asked what inspires Jews from around the world to pack up and leave everything familiar to them – including their culture, jobs and homes – to move to an unfamiliar land, Sharansky shared that nothing can make Jew feel at home and fill that void like returning to his home country.


Source: Tens of thousands of Jews returning to Israel

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