Target doubles down on ‘gay’ pride despite losses in bathroom war

Despite the drastic financial blowback Target Corporation has been weathering since announcing its plan last year to allow men to enter women’s bathroom facilities, the retail giant is continuing full-speed ahead in its pursuit of LGBT social activism, all in the name of “inclusivity.”

For the second year, Target is using a #TakePride hashtag on social media to promote its rainbow-themed online merchandise. The retailer’s “pride” paraphernalia include tee-shirts, swim trunks, flip-flops, headphones, iPhone cases and an assortment of other products emblazoned with LBGT logos.

In fact, the retail giant, second in size only to Walmart, has become more well-known for its aggressive support of the LGBT agenda and other progressive policies than any other major retailer:
It was among the first companies to advertise a homosexual “wedding registry” in 2012.
The same year Target exploited its clothing lines to propagandize the LGBT agenda, selling “Love is Love” tee-shirts to raise money for a group working to defeat a same-sex marriage ban in Minnesota.
In August 2015, Target eliminated “boys” and “girls” signs from its toys and bedding departments to transcend “unnecessary” gender stereotypes and rid its toy departments of anything that could reflect “gender.”
Target declared support in September 2015 for the “Equality Act,” which ensures that religious freedom bows to the LGBT agenda.


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