Sikhs lead interfaith march for peace, tolerance in Newark

People of all faiths joined local Sikhs for a peace march down Main Street on Saturday morning.Now in its second year, the march coincided with the holiday of Vaisakhi, which is the day in 1699 when Sikhism was officially proclaimed as an independent religion.As part of the event, Sikh leaders showed followers of other religions how to wear turbans, and the marchers ended at New Ark United Church of Christ where several participants and faith leaders spoke.Before the march, participants used sand to create snowflakes on the ground to represent their diversity. At the end, they joined together to create a large snowman.“Snowflakes are unique, but for the sake of peace they come together to make a snowman,” organizer Charanjeet Singh Minhas said, explaining the symbolism.The peace walk was part of Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month in Delaware and was intended as a way for Sikh leaders to educate people about their faith in an attempt to promote tolerance.That need for tolerance was evident Saturday, when a group of men in a pickup truck yelled slurs as they drove past the marchers.


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