No Religious Oath for Alexis Tsipras

Could Alexis Tsipras be the Antichrist?


Unknown-1“I declare in my name, my honor and my conscience to obey the Constitution and the laws.” -Alexis Tsipras, Greek Prime Minister


“I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.” -Jesus, John 5:43


He is young and charismatic. He comes from the heart of the area of the revived Holy Roman Empire. (Greece was the 10th nation to join the European Union in 1981), and, for Greece at least, he is the man on whom they are basing their hopes. In fact, the theme of his campaign to be the Prime Minister of Greece was, “Hope is coming!” He is also a self-proclaimed atheist and anti-Zionist. One of the things that most intrigues followers of Bible prophecy, however, is the way he took his oath of office. Alexis Tsipras did not follow the tradition of taking his inaugural oath before the Archbishop of Greece, with the blessing of the Greek Orthodox Church. Instead, he took a political or civil oath, saying, “I declare in my name, my honor and my conscience…”


People tend to enjoy receiving approval from each other more than they appreciate God’s approval. That seems to be why they rejected the One who had come to them in the Father’s name, and who said, “I receive not honour from men,” (John 5:41). Just as Eve rejected God’s truth and opened herself to accept the serpent’s lie, so the rejection of the true Messiah has morally conditioned the world to receive the false Messiah.


Although there have already been many antichrists (I John 2:18), and many world leaders have seemed to meet at least some of the biblical criteria required to be the final world dictator, the Man of Sin will come in his own name, doing his own pleasure, and will receive glory from men. That’s why he will be very appealing to the corrupt heart of the natural man.


By Rick Brinegar

Have We Found The Antichrist?

A broadcast of Endtime Ministries from February, 18, 2015.

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