Netanyahu Unveils ‘Trump Heights’ In Israel’s Golan Heights

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and members of his administration gathered in the Golan Heights on Sunday to unveil a sign for the community, newly named “Ramat Trump,” which translates into “Trump Heights.”

“We are proud to have the opportunity to establish a new community,” Netanyahu said during the unveiling. “And also to honor a big friend.”

The prime minster pushed to rename the existing community of Bruchim in commemoration of President Donald Trump’s recognition of Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights. The area is home to only a few hundred residents, however, Israeli leadership is anticipating the rebranding will encourage migration, reported The Associated Press.

“It’s a great recognition of the president’s courageous decision to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights,” said David Friedman, the U.S. ambassador to Israel, during the ceremony. “It’s absolutely beautiful.”


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13 Responses to “Netanyahu Unveils ‘Trump Heights’ In Israel’s Golan Heights”

    • bobbie

      Hello I had 2 addiction 3 even so The first two I had to pray and study and go to Every meeting in the church I study with the Jehovah Witnesses for five years I am drug free and alcohol free for 9 years and now I just recently stopped smoking cigarettes only been 3 weeks and 3 days now I’m still on this journey it’s not starting out like it did before with the drugs and alcohol but I am well on my way because I’m still praying I’m going to church as much as I can this is what helped me when I had those urges I will take the Bible when I am studying I see scriptures and I write them down out of the Bible while I am studying then the urges pass and pray 5 times a day it was a struggle with drugs and alcohol it was hard first year but after I got two or three months it got a lot better before that year was over but trust me it is worth give it a try

    • Doug Norvell

      Hello Shantay,
      The first thing, are you involved in a church? If you are, I say go to your pastor and ask for help. If you are not, I can help find you a church. All I need is a zip code.

  1. Letitia Cline

    One more thing to add!!! Since the world is now more concerned with ‘Global Warming’ than God, I have something to say; God did say He was going to destroy the world by ‘fire’ the second time around, so—– it would make sense, indeed, that the earth is getting a bit warmer, wouldn’t you say? (Just a thought).

  2. Letitia Cline

    I’ve often prayed for God to open my eyes and heart to the TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH, AND NOTHING BUT… Wow!! So much of what I’ve been reading from the free literature makes so much sense! There are some who say this ministry resembles that of Jehovah’s Witnesses, however, I have some as neighbors and asked them if they were aware of you by showing them a recent magazine of Tomorrow’s World, and they informed me that they were not. I’m going to go on the Word of God by trusting in what He says; to obey the ten commandments and to just love Him and get ‘reacquainted with Him! I so look forward to each piece of ‘knowledge’ I receive from you all and can’t wait for the next publication! It uplifts me as no drug possibly could! I’ve always loved prophecy and your ministry has been the ‘answer’ to my every question! I’ve always wondered about the ‘holidays,’ and now I know!! Only thing is, I have a sixteen year old, which is going to make it very difficult not to celebrate Christmas. Easter is no problem, but Christmas?!
    Thank you for the great job and for being God’s servants in getting the TRUTH out there!!

    In Christ!
    Letitia Cline

    • Doug Norvell

      Hello Letitia,
      As Christians we do not believe it is wrong to celebrate Christmas. It is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. The Bible does not say it is right or wrong to do this. However the Bible does encourage us to worship the Lord. Through remembering the birth of Jesus Christ, we recall the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ which paved the way for salvation.

      Also just because something was once celebrated in a wrong way does not mean that it cannot be celebrated correctly. If Christmas was once a pagan holiday it is not a pagan holiday when you worship Jesus Christ on that day. Just because people have used cars for bad does not mean that Christians should not drive cars. We as Christians do not worship Christmas but rather Jesus.

      Some people bring passages in Jeremiah talking about a tree but that does not refer to a Christmas tree. If you will read the context of the passage you will understand that the trees were used to create an idol that people could worship. Christians do not worship Christmas trees or idols made from trees. The decorations were also a part of the idol that was constructed from the tree. If we reason that we should not use decorations on a Christmas tree then we must use the same reason in regards to all decorations. If a single decoration exists in your home then you would be in violation of this passage by that interpretation. So in conclusion, that is not what the passage is referring to.

      Christmas is a time where Christians can ultimately remember the great price that God paid for us all, they can give to one another, they can come together, they can fellowship with one another, and they can sing about our Lord. The Bible does not speak against these things.