Meretz Judea-Samaria Bill ‘Will Only Harm Arabs’

In response to the bill submitted several days ago by the radical leftist Meretz party, which would have products from Judea and Samaria labeled thereby singling them out for boycotts, Efrat regional council chair Attorney Oded Ravivi on Wednesday called on the party to rethink the proposal.


“The Meretz party decided to label 400,000 Israelis, all of them tax payers, donating to the state in terms of culture and economy, and among them educators with international recognition, hi-tech developers, pioneers in the food industry, technology, members of the army standing on the front line, vineyards that won international prizes, and factories among the largest and newest in the Middle East, “said Ravivi.


While the Meretz bill – modeled on European Union measures to label Jewish products from Judea-Samaria – was evidently intended to pressure Israel to eventually withdraw from its Biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria and create a Palestinian state there, the regional head warned “peace” would not be the outcome of the move.


Ravivi warned the bill “will bring about an economic disaster for thousands of Palestinians and will hit us back like a boomerang, it will collapse Israeli families.”


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