Keeping Jerusalem: Why Dividing the Holy City Can Never Bring Peace

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JERUSALEM, Israel – When it comes to Israeli-Palestinian talks, the subject of a divided Jerusalem is often the deal breaker for the Jewish state. But why?

Jerusalem’s Old City, the Temple Mount, and the Mount of Olives all share common bonds. In addition to biblical significance, they’re all in the part of the city Palestinians want as their future capital.

Scripture says Jerusalem is a city set on a hill.

Chaim Silberstein, founder and president of Keep Jerusalem, believes the city must remain united. CBN’s Scott Ross spent a day with Silberstein, looking at Jerusalem from different angles to understand its complexity.

“We are standing on the hill, the Mount of Olives, and we’re overlooking the Temple Mount, a beautiful vision here of the Old City and behind it the New City,” Silberstein said.

Jerusalem is a city ensconced in geopolitics and divisiveness, both within the Jewish community itself and certainly in the surrounding Arab nations, many of which are against the Jewish people.

Israel’s capital has been conquered more than any other city in history. Yet it’s the only capital the Jewish people have ever known.

Still, the world refuses to recognize it as Israel’s capital even though it’s mentioned more than 640 times in the Old Testament and not once by name in the Koran.


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