Jordan terrorist attack with hostages. 10 killed

Intelligence sources observing the terror attack Sunday, Dec. 18 in the southern Jordanian town of Karakh report that the exchange of gunfire continued into the night after Jordanian forces stormed the Crusader castle where terrorists were holding an unknown number of tourists hostage, and freed some of them.
Jordanian cabinet minister Sameeh Maytah said Sunday night: “The operation is continuing, it has not ended and the criminals are still inside the castle … This was a group that was plotting certain operations inside Jordan.”
He implied that the group came from outside Jordan.
Prime Minister Hani al Mulki told parliament earlier, “a number of security personnel” have been killed and security forces were laying siege to the castle.There are no final figures on casualties in the ongoing battle or how many terrorists are taking part, So far, ten killed are confirmed and 29 injured – some in critical condition.


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