Jordan Deploys Massive Force on Iraqi Border

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Signs of spillover war as Jordan places tanks, missile launchers and army vehicles on border; ISIS reportedly advancing on Jordan.

Read More: Jordan Deploys Massive Force on Iraqi Border – Middle East – News – Arutz Sheva.

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25 Responses to “Jordan Deploys Massive Force on Iraqi Border”

  1. I can’t believe the anti-christ will bring the Palestinians/Arabs to accept Israel and put Israel on their map. That’s a big order.

    They have indoctrinated their children (Palestinians/Arabs since 1947 that the Nation of Israel doesn’t exist.

    A Middle East war is around the corner.

    God Bless

    • Sam, never say you can’t believe something that is written or prophesied to happen in the End Times. “That” is the one thing you “can” believe, anything that God has said will happen. God’s word is our comfort in knowing what WILL happen and what comes NEXT.

  2. You continue to say, and said it again on today’s video that this is “the plan” that is going to mark the final seven years! you do not know that this is the plan. it might be a plan, but there is no proof that this is the plan. Stop Fear mongering!! And if this is the plan why are you still asking for money because you’re not gonna need it when all hell breaks loose

    • Why are you so concerned about money. It takes money to get things done… the printing, the videos, the travel, everything takes money. When the money won’t make a difference is in the middle of the 7 year peace treaty when the anti-christ desecrates the Temple and institutes the Mark of the Beast. No one can buy, sell or trade unless he takes the Mark of the Beast. A Christian’s money then is useless unless there is a black market… but you risk being caught or turned in. If you take this Mark of the Beast, you are damning yourself for all eternity.

  3. Butch Kelly

    I want to ask all of you. Since Matthew 24 and ll Thessalonians 2 is true, which essentially say the same things, that there will be a great apostasy, and this will happen: “Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessnessa is revealed, the man doomed to destruction. 4He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God”. So would we say since the Trump administration is good, since they are the ones making it possible for the peace treaty to be made, so the temple can be built….in order for the man of sin to sit in it as god? Shouldn’t we say God is allowing a son of satan to promote satan? A godly man sent by the True God would not willing and purposefully be used for such a thing!

    • Butch, you said, “A godly man sent by the True God would not willingly and purposefully be used for such a thing.”

      But then look at Judas, one of Jesus’ disciples. If Jesus chose him, you’d think he would be a righteous and Godly man. But he was chose for a certain time and for a certain thing to do. Just because a man is in a place of God’s calling, like a pastor, doesn’t necessarily mean he is a man of God.

    • Hello Gail,
      (Daniel 9:27) tells us that “he” will make a covenant with many. So he/antichrist will agree with many others. We will not know who the Antichrist is until the Abomination of Desolation. That will happen 3 1/2 years into the Peace Agreement. We may be able to speculate and have it figured out by then, but we will not know 100% until he stands in the Temple of God declaring himself to be God. (2 Thessalonians 2:1-4)


    The Bible says the Anti Christ is who signs the peace deal with Israel.. if Trump/his people are working on this…does that make him or them the Anti-Christ?? That would be very surprising.
    .IF it’s signed

    • Hello Suzanne,
      We do not have scripture that tells us which event happens first. We can see how the War would be the perfect cause for the Peace agreement to be accepted, however the peace agreement could be the very thing that sparks the War. So all we can do is watch and see what will occur first. What we do know is that they both will happen and they are both on the horizon or appear to be.

      • I agree with you Doug. This Euphrates River war will most likely be Nuclear because of the amount of people killed. When the Muslims see the effects of a nuclear war, this could be the issue that makes them cry out for a peace treaty. I don’t think the actual signing of the 7 year peace treaty would cause the PLO and surrounding Muslim countries to go to war. But, soon after the signing of the peace treaty, when Israel is allowed to build her 3rd Temple on the Temple Mount… this may just be the catalyst to start WWIII.

  5. L. Logan

    As you have pointed out so many times Daniel (chapter 9) was told 70 weeks of 7 ARE DETERMINED FOR YOUR PEOPLE. Daniel was given such amazing details of the nation’s prophetic timeline and most importantly the Messiah being cutoff down to the day of His Triumphant Entry and Crucifixion that most critics try to post date it’s writing(s) as several hundred years after the events his angelic visitors gave him in the interpretation of his visions and dreams. Few Christians and even prophetic teachers that bother to examine the scripture as you do as most have turned to spiritualization and mystic views as it does not fit their view of modern eschatological escapism and have become slothful servants living off the church treasury and fear mongering of left behind scenarios if you don’t follow their feel good prosperity teachings of a pre trib rapture and sloppy agape of carnal living. They have a form of godliness and deny the power of God in the Holy Ghost regenerative power to transform (metamorphosis) their lives into a new son of God creation. They really have no reason to search after prophetic truth for Gentile peoples and particularly the Jews they see as “destined” to tribulation and outside the new testament covenant of grace. Many denominations have developed a REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY FOR ISRAEL! They see a Gentile Only bride of Christ and even BOAST AGAINST THE NATURAL BRANCHES IN ANTISEMITISM which Jewry long suffered in Europe and the Islamic world! The UN has become so antisemitic in it’s resolutions that the US has left the UN Human Rights Council now headed by SAUDI ARABIA!??! The FIRST 69 WEEKS OF YEARS ENDED AT CHRIST CRUCIFIXION which historians place anywhere from 27 AD to 33 AD. Some now say Messiah was CUTOFF TO MAKE AN END TO SIN AND BRING IN EVERLASTING RIGHTEOUSNESS IN 30AD and the Jews judged 40 years later in 70 AD after forty years of rejecting the gospel SEEING THEIR TEMPLE DESTROYED by the Roman legions and the local auxiliary troops of those who had long borne hatred for them in Samaria, Syria, Idumea and Arabia. The peace agreement necessarily requires the Antichrist to be a major signer as Daniel 9:27-He will “confirm” with MANY for one seven (week of years). In the midst of the seven (70th week) he will put an END OF SACRIFICE and OFFERING (EVENING MORNING OBLATIONS) And at the temple SET UP THE ABOMINATION THAT DESOLATES until the end that is “decreed is poured upon him” (the consummation at Christ return). The agreement may have been proposed earlier but it MUST GUARANTEE THE TEMPLE BEING BUILT AND OFFER THE ISRAELIS SECURITY FROM ATTACK BY THE ISLAMIC HORDES, many will sign off to but plot deceitfully to betray with a false sense of security to cover their treachery. REMEMBER ISRAEL AGREES TO THIS PACT OF DECEIT AND LIES AND FOLLOWS IN THE APOSTASY! The agreement must allow the temple to be rebuilt and sacrifices to restart the 70th final week DETERMINED FOR ISRAEL.

    • wandakate

      L.LOGAN…Being as you seem to be well read/informed about these events, when will the temple be re-built? Approximately when will the Antichrist appear and about when do you expect JESUS (YESHUA) to return to earth to open up the graves and take his saints with Him and His host of heavenly angels who will be appearing in the clouds of heaven.
      I am with you about pre-trib being a total lie, it’s deceit straight from the pits of hell. Satan is the master of all lies, and the disappearing of millions of Christians is just what he wanted them to believe. Bible does NOT support that whatsoever.
      I will check back to see your answers and thanks. Very informative what you did post.

      • Craig John

        Dear Wandakate
        In regards to a pre-trib rapture being a deceit straight from the pits of hell….. I’m confused what downside having believers build a relationship with Yeshua by longing for Him to come sooner rather then later ?

  6. L. Logan

    A peace plan will not restart the 70th week unless a temple can be built. Israel has control of the situation and has no need to offer the Palestinians anything. They simply annex the temple mount and remove the Muslim police force that Jordan doesn’t want to deal with any longer and then police the mount and control access to the shrine and mosque just as Turkey did to the Hagia Sophia. There is little Muslims could do except wait for their own sects to unite which appears what the Antichrist forces will do at the midpoint of the 70th week possibly with the UN backing that type of resolution. There is no SHARING requirement in scripture. Daniel repeatedly was told that there would be a great war and wars and desolations are determined until the end! Scripture tells us the 4th Seal/ 6th Trumpet war are the Muslim hordes attacking Israel after Antichrist has lulled the many to thinking he is at peace with them. It has long been a Muslim tactic and will be again. They will trample the Holy City underfoot for 3 1/2 years and convince many Jews to join in their APOSTASY! The Jerusalem issue will never be settled but be a cup of trembling as many hands wrestle for prize cup. The Two Witnesses are there to testify who really controls Jerusalem and to what people have a right to worship at the Holy Mount! It is the LORD’S and all who recognize Him as Lord have the right to worship there! There is but ONE LORD and JESUS IS HIS NAME! America will do well to let the Israelis handle any peace negotiating especially concerning Jerusalem and the temple mount. Scripture makes it abundantly clear that God will condemn and punish any people who tries to usurp His authority and warns of the AGREEMENT WITH DEATH AND HELL that the Jews believe will keep the overwhelming scourge of Antichrist Muslim hordes from attacking them. The hatred of Islam for Israel will only be ended when Christ returns and claims Mt. Zion with the 144,000! That’s the deal Mr. Trump should be part of. Bro. Baxter should write another letter to the President!