Israeli-Arab Aharish at Independence Day ceremony

At points it seemed that Israeli-Arab journalist Lucy Aharsih was stifling tears as she delivered her address before lighting a torch at the Independence Day ceremony in Jerusalem on Thursday.


Aharish was presented by the host of the ceremony on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem as “an example of the end of days reality when the wolf will live with the lamb, and there will be coexistence with peace in our country.”


Speaking in Hebrew Aharish said she was lighting the torch to honor all human beings who have not lost hope for peace and for:


“The innocent children who live in this land, for whom we have continually promised a better future; for those who are no longer with us and who fell victim to hate at the hands of those who have forgotten that we are all born in the image of one god.”


“To the honor of the Mizrahim and the Ashkenazim, the religious and the secular, the Arabs and the Jews and to the honor of the the people of this land who remind us that we don’t have another country; to the honor of the Israelis, and all human beings, and to the glory of the State of Israel.


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