Globalist Henry Kissinger Outlines “New World Order”

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As awareness grows of the international establishment’s globalist plotting against liberty and national sovereignty, problems on the road toward a “New World Order” are becoming increasingly obvious, and opposition is surging in tandem. It seems that insider bigwigs are getting nervous.

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2 Responses to “Globalist Henry Kissinger Outlines “New World Order””

  1. Rhonda Heim

    (1) Ex.31:12-18 is the MARK
    (Diff. Versions may say: SIGN, SYMBOL, SEAL, or MARK) Of YHWH. So, what would you think is the Opposite of what our FATHER’S MARK? (2)
    a.) THE “3rd TEMPLE,” was/is YHWH’S People.
    *The “WATERS” In Prophecy are “Many Peoples.”
    *Kingdom/Animal Parts = U.N. as N.W.O.
    **Parable of WHEAT & TARES =
    1.TARES PULLED UP 1st = Lost.
    2. WHEAT then Saved unto Him.
    **No “secret rapture,” but EXODUS 2!
    YHWH doesn’t deliver His People out of their troubles when many are still Lost & Deceived, but LEADS & TEACHES Through those trials & TRIBULATIONS … WHAT HE BEGAN IN THE BEGINNING — HE WILL COMPLETE IN THE END TIMES.

    In the Hebrew scrolls, it is Written, “The TEN WORDS,” or, (also) “The TEN CATTEGORIES.”

    In the Torah/”Law” there are ~613 “Instructions,” ((the True meaning of Torah or Law)) and these ~613 actually “fit” Into “THE 10 CATEGORIES,” … WHICH IS …

    IF our “MESSIAH IS THE “WORD” MADE FLESH,” … HOW could we ever ‘do away with the “WORD/TORAH?”


    For, IF our Messiah Is “THE WORD (TORAH)” Made into FLESH,” then, HOW COULD we ever “DO AWAY WITH HIM?!!”

    “For Not one ‘Jot or Tittle,’ (meaning smallest letters of the TORAH), WILL PASS AWAY from Torah until all these Prophecies are fulfilled.”
    “Until Heaven and Earth pass away, Not one ‘Jot or Tittle’ will disappear until all is fulfilled.”

    So, if we believe the SCRIPTURES, how should we Not keep His Torah, His Laws — Instructions, Commandments, and especially His Sabbaths, including YHWH’S FEASTS? THESE ARE “THE KEYS” TO HIS KINGDOM!

  2. It is really astounding at how so many Evangelical Christians have been deceived by Trump. There is nothing Godly about him. He is the greatest perpetrator of “fake news”. Brother Dave, you have bought into Trump’s propaganda – and it’s propaganda to the nth degree.

    The current use of the term “fake news” came about as a way to describe 1 of the methods used by Russia to help Trump win the presidency. Trump has turned the intended meaning on its head so that instead of it being used to describe Russia’s actions to help him win, he has repeated the term ad nauseam to refer to the media’s criticism of him.

    Trump is a deceiver. Word to the wise.

    • Geri Barrett

      I agree with Rita. Do not understand why all these people think his is a Christian and Believer. Look at the lies he has told and then denies ever saying them. In today’s world with all the tapes and live broadcasts how can anyone think they can get away with the deceitful things that are said and done?

    • Melissa V

      It’s too bad that there are some Bible-believing Christian’s who gobble up the fake news and believe what the left spits out about Pres. Trump. He is the first president since Reagan who truly loves America and is willing to stand up and make the hard choices for ALL OF US and then gets so much hate back. THANK THE LORD TRUMP IS OUR PRESIDENT!!

  3. Joshua Barnes

    Now I know that the United States will not fall under the control of the antichrist. But it seems to me like a good majority of the people of our country will still follow him. Those who are not educated in bible prophecy. Is this the case?

  4. Dear Pastor Dave, That was about the best sermon and teaching I’ve heard you preach. You told the truth! Christians better study their Bibles to be approved, because if they just go by men in pulpits they can and will be easily lead astray. Most American Christians don’t want to hear about the coming of our Lord anymore. They want social clubs of coffee & cookies! I believe this will be the Great Falling away. Not knowing the Word, going in the desert looking for Jesus when the persecution really starts. Jesus will return the same way He left, the sky! They need to get serious because we can see it coming on us daily now, especially with this censorship. We don’t know how long they/NWO will let you preach either. So please preach! Thank you so much! We have to be told to stand strong even if they cut our heads off, and their going to cut a lot of heads off of Christians. Jesus warns us! He said Wake up! Pray to be worthy to make it through! And will He find any faith when He returns! So bad it will be, we can’t even imagine. Jesus said worse time in history. They don’t want to hear it. Yes, it is horrible, no, I don’t look forward to it! But we have got to face it and pray and hold on to our faith. Jesus said special blessing on anyone that speaks, shares, reads this prophecy! Jesus is Coming!! I look so forward to His appearing and pray I will live, and my daughter, to see it! God bless you for telling the truth manifold!! Please come to the Pasadena, Ca. area!

    His blessings on you and your household, a faithful watcher, Anita Arnell