Germany Drafts Outline of EU-U.K. Ties Post-Brexit, Paper Shows

October 17, 2017   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags: , ,

Germany is working on proposals for the European Union’s future relations with the U.K. that include calls for a “comprehensive free-trade accord” with the British government, according to a draft paper prepared by the Foreign Ministry in Berlin.With EU leaders due to discuss Brexit at a summit in Brussels on Thursday, the document lays out the most detailed German position yet for “future formal negotiations” about the U.K.’s relationship with Europe once it leaves the bloc in 2019, without opening the door to such talks yet.The four-page document, dated Oct. 11, urges the EU avoid a piecemeal approach if and when talks with the U.K. get under way. It proposes instead a broad partnership that includes “at a minimum” the fields of foreign and security policy; fighting terrorism; cooperation on criminal justice; agriculture and fisheries; energy; transport, and especially air transport; research and digital issues.


Source: Germany Drafts Outline of EU-U.K. Ties Post-Brexit, Paper Shows – Bloomberg

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