First Dems Start Jumping Ship as Pelosi/Schiff Impeachment Narrative Falls Apart

On Wednesday, Democrats promised us a bombshell. For the first time, after more than a week of impeachment hearings, Democrats promised a witness who had actually spoken with Donald Trump about the Ukrainian aid decision.

For the first time, the Left said we would finally hear from an actual witness… someone who had witnessed something.

In fact, EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland admitted to asking President Trump directly what he wanted Ukraine to do before he would allow US military aid to be released. Trump had a simple answer.

“I want nothing,” Trump told Sondland, “I want no quid pro quo. Tell President Zelenski to do the right thing.”

If this was an actual trial, this whole thing would be over. The only actual witness Democrats have admits that Donald Trump said he didn’t want any strings attached to the aid.

But Amb. Sondland wasn’t done with his testimony. Even though Trump told him directly that he didn’t want any quid pro quo, Sondland testified that he presumed the President was lying. No evidence for that, by the way. Just Sondland’s gut instinct.