Fazoli’s Restaurant Chain Adopts Crossmatch’s Fingerprint Biometrics at the POS

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A major US restaurant chain has embraced biometrics for employee management: Crossmatch has announced that Fazoli’s Restaurants is now using its U.are.U fingerprint readers at 200 locations across 26 states.

The fingerprint recognition technology has been implemented at the Point of Sale, replacing its previous PIN-based authentication system. Staff are now using the biometric technology to clock in and out, and of course the biometric sign-in system is also helping to curb any potential fraudulent activity on POS machines, with Crossmatch explaining in a statement that it was previously “too easy for employees to obtain manager credentials and perform unauthorized transactions, draining away hard-won profits.”

Commenting further on the benefits of the biometric system, Fazoli’s Executive IT Director Wayne Pederson explained that it allows management “to know for sure that an adequate number of team members are present at each store to ensure responsive customer service,” adding, “Our associates are now able to sign in quickly and are held accountable for their POS transactions.”

News of the deployment comes soon after Crossmatch’s launch of a pocket-sized FAP 30 fingerprint reader, further elevating the company’s profile as a provider of practical and effective fingerprint-based biometric solutions.

Source: Fazoli’s Restaurant Chain Adopts Crossmatch’s Fingerprint Biometrics at the POS – FindBiometrics


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