Is the end of Social Security numbers at hand?

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We’ve all been warned not to use the same password for email, Facebook, and Amazon. But that is exactly what every American does when it comes to our financial lives. We rely on the same nine-digit password for everything from loans to taxes: Social Security numbers.

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9 Responses to “Is the end of Social Security numbers at hand?”

  1. Jeannie

    I have been listening to Pastor Baxtor for some time now. My question is: doesn’t the peace agreement have to be signed first before the start of WWIII or after the war the people cry out demanding peace and that’s when the antichrist comes on the scene and allows the Jews to build their temple.

  2. Luke 21:25 there will be signs in the sun, moon, and stars, and on earth perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the seas….28 when you see these things BEGIN to come to pass, look up, lift up your head, your redemption draws near. Luke 21 (august 21 = eclipse) verse 25 (august 25 Harvey first hit land). The signs have begun to take place (in my opinion). It is time NOW to LOOK UP – our redemption is drawing near – And Christians around the world are already facing great persecution – The Laodicean Christians in America may just find they are LEFT BEHIND because they don’t really KNOW the LORD! – But we definitely should prepare our hearts for persecution and not just for the rapture – You make a very valid point that Christians should prepare for persecution – I Peter 1 – God bless!!!

  3. From super blood moon 9-28-2015 to the Revelation 12 sign was 726 days – (and the one day in Jerusalem in 2017 that came closest to 726 daylight minutes was the day of the Revelation 12 sign (sept 23rd 2017)
    From the Revelation 12 Sign to the next blood moon 7-28-2018 will be 307 days –
    The Revelation 12 Sign (Sept 23rd, 2017) was interpreted as the “Rapture Sign” because of the context of Revelation 12:5 – like dna – too complex to be coincidence –
    Strong’s Bible Concordance in 1890 cataloged every root Greek word in the Bible (over 5500 words).
    Strongs 726 is Rapture “harpatzo”
    Strongs 307 is I Draw Up “anabibazo”
    Blood moons before and after the Revelation 12 Sign pointing to rapture. No Possible Way this could be coincidence.
    Jesus said clearly that there would be signs in the sun, moon, and stars – and on earth anguish at the roaring of the sea (Luke 21:25)
    Joel says the moon will turn to blood before the Day of the Lord !
    The Eclipse 8-21-17 ended in the ocean in the very area where Harvey started.
    The Eclipse started in the 33rd state (Oregon) and ended at the 33rd parallel (S. Carolina) on the 233rd day of the week. It was 33 days from the Revelation 12 sign. Harvey approached Corpus Christi (Body of Christ) and Victoria county who were told to evacuate (rapture) and afterwards went to Houston where they were not told to evacuate (left behind).
    Billy Graham died on the very day that the Jewish people were reading about the death of Moses all over the world. Hear his daughter, Ann Graham Lotz, share at the funeral. She said after Moses came Joshua, and the equivalent is Jesus in the NT.
    No Man Knows the Day or the Hour !
    and let me conclude by saying I am not 100 percent sure of a pre-trib rapture. The complexity of the Revelation 12 sign is beyond question when everything is considered – including the conception comet (see youtube) and all the other components. God bless ! And one thing for sure – Jesus is Lord! and it seems very clear that the tribulation is at hand and we very well may go through part of it. Only God knows for sure. But I expect a pre-trib rapture. God is good! Thank you!!!

  4. L. Logan

    The FINAL SEVEN YEARS is of course the 70th WEEK OF YEARS that Daniel spoke of in chapter 9:27. So many want to challenge your view of the Seven Seals and Seven Trumpets saying it must be a part of that 70th week and that end of the age generation of which many see occuring after a pre-trib catching away/rapture of the church. It is described accurately as the TIME OF JACOB’S TROUBLE…it is not the TIME OF “ISRAEL’S” TROUBLE! No, it is Jacob the Usurper, the Deceiver/Deceived and acceptance by many of the FALSE MESSIAH by Jewish religious leaders and the PRINCE OF THE COVENANT being overcome! During the archetypal Antichrist reign of Antioches Epiphanes, he colluded with those Hellenistic Jews who forsook the Holy Covenant and the High Priest Jason paid Antiochus to name him as high priest in Jerusalem in place of Onias III. When payment was sent, Menelaus out bid him or bribed the heathen king to replace “Yason” (Yeshua). These high priests had forsaken the torah polity agreement defining the Judean law and religious practice! What’s worse it was these false Jews who opened the temple to Antiochus to slaughter a pig on the altar and set up the idol to Zeus there in 168BC!!! Civil war broke out between the Hasmonean kings that followed the Maccabee revolt until 63BCE when Roman general Pompey intervened and Judea became a Roman vassal state and the Idumean usurper Herod the Great was appointed as King of Israel by the Roman Senate. He brutally suppressed any Jewish opposition and even those possible heir apparents of his own family. It was this Herod that slaughtered the infants around Bethlehem trying to destroy Jesus! Rome tired of Jewish revolts and the great general Pompey was defeated by Julius Caesar. It was the adopted son of Julius, Augustus who ruled the Roman Empire at the time of Christ birth. Herod greatly refurbished the temple. Rome had broken up the kingdom into a tetrarchy but the constant revolts in Judea and especially at Jerusalem saw a Roman governor Pontius Pilate installed there until 37AD. He of course ordered Christ to be crucified at the insistence of these False Jews especially the sect of the Pharisees most say in 33AD when Tiberias was emperor. The Jewish anger of being ruled by these Roman governors, their brutal suppression and interference in their religion boiled over into the Jewish revolt in 66AD. Christianity was hated by these Jewish national zealots and fared no better with the Romans who considered them a rebellious Jewish sect who didn’t swear allegience to Caesar or their deities. Vespasian was sent to quell the rebellion at Galilee, Judea and Jerusalem in 67AD and was preparing his seige when he hurried to Rome to fight in the civil war for the Emperors throne after Nero died in 68AD and left his son Titus to recruit auxillary forces and to regain control of areas in Galille to mop up the rebels. In early 70AD he surrounded Jerusalem and finally breached her walls and burnt the city and temple in late August. This was the fulfillment of Daniel 9:27 when the PRINCE OF THE PEOPLE WHO WOULD COME DESTROYED THE CITY AND SANCTUARY ENDING THE 69TH WEEK OF YEARS that the angel had told Daniel WAS DETERMINED TO HAPPEN TO HIS PEOPLE, JERUSALEM AND IT’S SACNTUARY!!! We should note the final declaration of verse 27- and the end thereof shall be with a flood, AND UNTO THE END OF THE WAR DESOLATIONS ARE DETERMINED. One cannot see the END, THE SEVENTIETH WEEK OF YEARS, UNTIL there was a NATION OF ISRAEL, A COVENANT OF THE MANY AND A TEMPLE WITH SACRIFICES AGAIN!!! This COMING EVIL KING OF THE FINAL WEEK, THE DESOLATOR OVERSPREADS WITH AN ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION THAT DANIEL SPOKE OF and CHRIST CONFIRMED! He continues UNTIL THE CONSUMATION and that determined shall BE POURED UPON THE DESOLATOR by CHRIST IMMEDIATELY AFTER THAT TRIBULATION when the EVIL king is given to the BURNING FLAMES OF HELL or CAST ALIVE INTO THE FLAMES!!! Christ speaks of the wrath of this satanic king who spews out his blasphemous hatred of the Messianic Jews and how the Jews of that time BETRAY THEM and PERSECUTE THOSE SAINTS of the Christian faith. They are not any different than the Jew’s FATHERS WHO PERSECUTED THE PROPHETS, MESSIAH AND THE CHURCH! They will escort Antichrist into the temple declaring him Messiah and the High priest will agree to stop the sacrifice and daily oblation…they will have a messiah although a false one! The UN has sent him to internationalize the city and trample it underfoot 42 months the LAST HALF OF THE 70TH WEEK OF YEARS. The TWO WITNESSES continue to preach in the GREAT CITY WHERE THE LORD WAS CRUCIFIED FOR THAT LAST 42 MONTHS WHICH CITY IS SPIRITUALLY CALLED SODOM AND EGYPT certainly not a sign of a holy people of God! The BEAST WHO HAD A DEADLY WOUND OF A SWORD, ATTACKS AND KILLS THE TWO WITNESSES AND STARTS HIS EVIL FINAL SOLUTION TO ERADICATE THE JEW!!! Christ returns with his hosts to the Mount of Olives from where he left earth 2,000 years before (strangely it’s the Mt. of Olives from which Titus 10th legion had camped in 70AD). The Mount splits with an earthquake and Antichrist flees north to Meggido to rally the UN forces and marches on Christ but he is taken alive with his False Prophet and his forces destroyed by the SWORD OUT OF THE MOUTH OF THE CHRIST! Prominent is the 144,000 MESSIANIC JEWS, the Remnant brought out for HIS NAMES SAKE who follow Christ wheresoever He goes. They are seen with HIM ON MOUNT ZION, THE HOLY TEMPLE MOUNT AND THE NATIONS WILL POLLUTE IT NO MORE!!! THE SEVENTYTH WEEK HAS ENDED AND THE KINGDOMS OF THE WORLD HAVE BECOME GOD’S AND HIS CHRIST!!! When you see these things KNOW IT IS THE LAST GENERATION!

  5. It’s looking like WWIII will come prior to peace plan. I don’t see the US or Russia leaving Seria. It’s just a Matter of time before the 2 have a real confrontation. Probably a lot sooner than later. A call for peace will be afterwards by a convenient that will include many nations. After all 1/3 of mankind will be eliminated due to this war.

  6. Cathleen

    Dave. Isn’t it striking that a third of the angels were thrown out of heaven down to the earth, and a third of man will die in the coming war? Isn’t it weird that the same number was used for both events?