Cuba officials call Obama’s visit an ‘attack,’ Raul Castro labels U.S. as ‘enemy’

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Weeks after President Barack Obama’s historic trip to Cuba, officials from the Communist island have ramped up their attacks on the U.S.


On Monday, Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez called Obama’s visit “an attack on the foundation of our history, our culture and our symbols.”


“Obama came here to dazzle the non-state sector, as if he wasn’t the representative of big corporations but the defender of hot dog vendors, of small businesses in the United States, which he isn’t,” Rodriguez said.


The foreign minister’s response came days after Cuba President Raul Castro said that the United States is “the enemy” and warned Cubans to be vigilant about the United States’ efforts to undermine the Communist revolution, according to Reuters.


The remarks came at the Cuban Communist Party’s twice-a-decade congress, held over the weekend, where some of Cuba’s most powerful officials criticized the creaking inefficiency of its state-controlled economy, tarred its vibrant private sector as a potential source of U.S. subversion.


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