Coronavirus: The World Health Organization Is Becoming The Planet’s Most Important Social Media Influencer

Nicole Scherzinger, the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls, has done it. Likewise, Kaká, the Brazilian soccer star. And so did F1 driver Romain Rosjen.

That is, they washed their hands and then posted a video of themselves doing it to social media, completing one of the most viral trends in the world right now: the Safe Hands Challenge.

It was started not by anyone with lip sync skills, dance moves or abundant abs. The World Health Organization ignited it on Friday, part of its advisory to regularly wash your hands for at least 40 seconds during the corona virus outbreak and the latest bit of social media wizardry that has turned the Switzerland-based entity into probably the most important influencer on Earth right now. The WHO, a 71-year-old organ of the United Nations, is consistently putting out life-saving information. And it’s doing so in a way that successfully catches the attention of both those likely to heed patrician authority, as well as the young people who form the core consistencies on the outlets that the WHO is increasingly focused on: Twitter and TikTok. It’s also on Facebook and LinkedIn.