Communist China Opens “Global Governance” School

At a newly established “School of Global Governance,” one of the most brutal and murderous dictatorships on the planet is training what it hopes will be the managers and leadership of the emerging “global governance” system. That dictatorship is the one enslaving Communist China, responsible for murdering more people than any other government in human history. But as the regime proudly celebrates its growing role in what it openly touts as the “New World Order,” humanity must resist before it is too late, or freedom may be extinguished worldwide.

The Chinese regime is shouting about its new “School of Global Governance” from the rooftops. In an article published this month by Beijing’s propaganda and espionage apparatus Xinhua headlined “China opens new college to train professionals of global governance,” the regime said the school would train “more multilingual professionals with global vision and cross-cultural communication proficiency.” The school for indoctrinating and training future globalist-communist leaders was inaugurated this month at the Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU), known as the “cradle of diplomats” for Communist China and international communism more broadly.

Among other schemes, the Communist Party-run “School of Global Governance” will reportedly carry out research on globalist institutions such as the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and others. “Through innovative training model, the school is expected to cultivate talents who are proficient in international rules and at least two working languages of the United Nations,” BFSU President Peng Long was quoted as saying by Xinhua. That should ensure a steady supply of thoroughly indoctrinated Communist Party functionaries to fill key posts in the UN and global-governance system.

The new Chinese Communist Party-dominated “global governance” school will also aim to “provide intellectual support for China’s participation in international organizations and international affairs,” according to Peng and Beijing’s propaganda machinery. But of course, even before that so-called intellectual support was formalized with the unveiling of the new school, the Chinese dictatorship was already taking an active role in “global governance” — a role that is growing larger and more significant with every passing day as Chinese agents bring in more Chinese agents into the senior ranks of the UN.


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