Clergy Advocacy Board Says Planned Parenthood Is ‘Doing God’s Work’

Planned Parenthood’s Clergy Advocacy Board released a statement Tuesday condemning the pro-life advocacy group that produced a series of videos appearing to show Planned Parenthood officials and employees haggling over the sale of body parts harvested from “intact fetal cadavers,” while sifting through dishes of tiny organs and limbs.


According to the board, the taxpayer-funded abortion giant is simply “doing God’s work.”


A series of videos released over the past two weeks by the Center for Medical Progress shows Planned Parenthood officials discussing the transfer of tissue and body parts from babies who have been aborted, some as late as 18 to 22 weeks’ gestation, to people posing as buyers.


In several cases, doctors can be heard saying, “it’s a baby” and “another boy!” while sifting through plates of organs and severed limbs to pick out parts usable for research while discussing the “per item” cost for each “specimen.”


In the statement released Tuesday, Planned Parenthood’s clergy board — described as a “network of clergy members from a variety of denominations throughout the religious community” — described the recent undercover videos as nothing more than a “smear campaign” that “use[s] fraudulent and extreme tactics to spread false allegations about Planned Parenthood’s role in tissue donation.”


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