China ramping up coronavirus disinformation campaign on Twitter, State Dept. says

May 13, 2020   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags: , , ,

China’s Communist Party and government are stepping up the use of Twitter to spread disinformation that Wuhan was not the origin of the coronavirus outbreak and that China is helping the world recover, the State Department said.

The department’s Global Engagement Center, the unit charged with countering foreign propaganda and disinformation, recently discovered a cluster of what it called “inauthentic” Twitter accounts used to support Chinese diplomats and embassies spread disinformation.

“The GEC has uncovered a new network of inauthentic Twitter accounts which we assess were created with the intent to amplify Chinese propaganda and disinformation,” said Lea Gabrielle, director of the center.


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4 Responses to “China ramping up coronavirus disinformation campaign on Twitter, State Dept. says”

  1. Peter waddell

    China is the country that first reported the virus. That does not mean that it started in China. It just means that the other countries are to stupid to recognize a threat when they see one. America’s lack of prevention is a good example of a country being stupid. Standing and trying to blame someone for finding a virus does not stop it from spreading in your country. Don’t you care about your people. China is good. They look after their people. They took the necessary steps to cure the virus. Nobody has found patient zero yet. Stop the blame game and stop the virus.

  2. Donna Douglas - Australia

    If the wings on the leopard are foul wings what do the foul wings mean ?
    We know the leopard is Germany and they have foul wings . What is the significance of the fouls wings ?