Best Way to “Celebrate” 70 Years of U.S. Membership in NATO: Get US Out!

In 1949, powerfully placed one-worlders in the U.S. government succeeded in creating NATO, one of the most harmful international agreements ever entered into by the United States. Government officials and the mass media have convinced most Americans that NATO saved the West from communism and continues to protect America’s interests in these perilous times.

The work of Secretary of States Dean Acheson and his successor John Foster Dulles, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was sold to Congress and the American people as a much-needed alliance formed to prevent additional Soviet advances into Western Europe. But NATO has always been a subsidiary of the United Nations whose real purpose is to aid in the creation of a UN-led world government. The pact would see to it that no member nation could engage in any military action not approved, and therefore controlled, by the UN.

The NATO Charter, agreed to by 12 nations at its 1949 outset has grown to 29 member nations, many of which can hardly claim having any ties to the “North Atlantic.” NATO’s Charter pledges all signatory nations to consider an attack on one to be an attack on all. The alliance derives its very existence from the UN Charter’s Chapter VIII headlined “Regional Arrangements.” In that portion of the Charter, the UN’s permission for NATO to exist is granted and a following stipulation notes that the UN shall be the boss: “The Security Council shall at all times be kept fully informed of the activities undertaken or in contemplation under regional arrangements.”