At Climate Summit, Scientist Touts CO2, Slams Media “Lies”

Carbon dioxide is a wonderful and essential gas, it is not driving dangerous climate change, and life on planet Earth is currently starving for more, explained scientist Robert Carter, former chief of the School of Earth Sciences at Australia’s internationally renowned James Cook University. In the past, CO2 concentrations have been many times higher than they are today, he added, blasting the establishment press for its “lies” on climate.


All of the facts on CO2 and climate run contrary to the global-warming alarmism narrative promoted by the United Nations, the Obama administration, the media, and the $360-billion-per-year “climate” industry. But they are facts nonetheless, and it is time for the press to start reporting on them honestly, the climate realist explained.


Speaking at a climate realist summit in Paris as the UN’s massive COP21 conference was taking place nearby, Dr. Carter emphasized that there is no climate crisis and that many experts have even been predicting global cooling over the long term.


In an interview with The New American after his presentation, Carter explained that the CO2 added to the atmosphere in recent decades has been responsible for a tremendous greening of the planet. “That’s a huge environmental benefit,” he said, adding that much of the greening had occurred along arid areas such as the Sahara Desert.


For agriculture and those who depend on it — essentially everybody who eats food — the increase in CO2 is good news, too. It has also provided huge benefits for oceans, Dr. Carter and other scientists at the Heartland Institute’s “Day of Examining the Data” explained.


And contrary to the bizarre demonization of the gas of life as “carbon pollution” by the UN, Obama, and others, it is nothing of the sort.


“If you talk to most scientists, they will acknowledge that carbon dioxide is not a pollutant,” explained Dr. Carter. “Indeed, it’s grotesque to call it a pollutant. It’s an abuse of logic, it’s an abuse of language, and it’s an abuse of science…. Carbon dioxide is literally the stuff of life.”


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