Assassination of Hezbollah’s Imad Mughniyeh was joint U.S.

The Israeli and American foreign intelligence services worked together to assassinate Hezbollah international operations chief Imad Mughniyeh in 2008, The Washington Post reports.


The U.S. never admitted its role in the killing. But former U.S. officials who spoke with the newspaper on condition of anonymity have now confirmed the CIA’s involvement.


Mughniyeh was walking down the street in Damascus after having dinner on February 12, 2008 when a bomb planted in a parked SUV exploded, killing him. Prior to the blast, a team of CIA spotters were monitoring his movements in the Syrian capital as Mossad agents remotely triggered the bomb from Tel Aviv, according to the report.


Former U.S. officials told The Washington Post that the CIA and Mossad tracked Mughniyeh in Damascus for months prior to the assassination and worked closely to determine where the bomb should be placed.


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