Are biometrics the next frontier for advertising?

Wearables and biometrics are the most exciting new areas for brands in digital advertising, according to BlisMedia CEO Greg Isbister.


The growth and consumer uptake of such technologies are set to provide the next wave of data points marketers can harness to deliver relevant advertising experiences.


“There will be more and more biometric sensors such as heart rate and blood pressure in use by consumers with ever more developed. It’s going to be very interesting to see how the data from these becomes available to advertisers,” said Isbister.


One such example could be measuring the impact of out of home ads. For instance, measuring the effect on the heart rate of a consumer interacting with an immersive virtual reality ad.


The  use of biometrics to target advertising could though potentially increase the focus on privacy issues.


“It’ll be crucial, more than it already is, for the industry to ensure consumers are aware of their data use and understand the value exchanged in their data being used,” said Isbister.


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