Amid Floyd Chaos, Marxist UN “Human Rights” Boss Targets U.S.

The communists are back to their old tricks: Pressure from above, and pressure from below, to destroy freedom and all who resist. In recent days, United Nations “High Commissioner for Human Rights” Michelle Bachelet (shown), an actual communist who defected to the brutal dictatorship enslaving East Germany, blasted the United States amid protests and riots, painting the nation as a racist abomination in need of deep reforms to address “structural racism.”

Exploiting the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer, the far-left UN “human rights” boss — a big fan of the late mass-murdering dictator Fidel Castro — made all sorts of demands, too. Naturally, establishment propaganda outlets posing as news organizations around the world parroted the dishonest claims by the scandal-plagued UN operative, further tarnishing America’s image abroad. She also demanded that U.S. authorities bow down to the demands of the “protesters.”


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