The Great Tribulation Precursors

October 30, 2018   |   Category: End of the Age   |   Tags: ,


This past Saturday Robert Bowers committed the deadliest Anti-Semetic attack in U.S. history killing 11 Jews and wounding several others. Is this the foreshadowing of things to come? What’s it really all about? We will discuss precursors to the Great Tribulation on End of the Age.

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3 Responses to “The Great Tribulation Precursors”

  1. Michael DeChristofaro

    What a great teaching with Dave! Not only did you sum up the reasons for anti-Semitism in today’s world, but you clearly helped me see the plan of the enemy from Genesis through today. You have a God given gift of teaching. Keep it up brother.

    • Wandakate robinson

      Our Bible warned ALL of us that in the end times these things would happen. We know that these things are ONLY the beginning of the birth pains…It will get ALOT worse. There is NOTHING we can do to stop any of it b/c it was ALL in GOD’s ultimate plan from day one…
      Watch and pray, be ready, be awake, alert and aware of these things. When we know the truth, then the truth will set us free (spiritually free) to know what is coming and be as prepared spiritually as possible.