New Plan to Provide Israel with Defensible Borders

February 10, 2020   |   Category: End of the Age   |   Tags: , , ,

President Trump recently unveiled his plan for a Palestinian-Israeli peace agreement. A resolution has been presented to the UN Security Council condemning the Trump peace plan. Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli ambassador to the UN Danny Danon are scheduled to debate concerning the resolution at the Security Council. Remember, when a peace agreement is reached between Palestinians and Israelis, the Bible foretells that the final 7 years to Armageddon will begin.

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2 Responses to “New Plan to Provide Israel with Defensible Borders”

  1. After the 3rd war, we shouldn’t have much use for mans law, just GODs laws. So when that time comes, the need for law makers should be ended. No need to pay these clowns anymore. GOD bless our soldiers, state and local law enforcement, and all that seek the truth.