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When Will the Rapture Happen?

When Will the Rapture Happen? Purchase When Will the Rapture Happen by Irvin Baxter HD Video Download – $14.99 SD Video Download – $9.99 DVD Video – $20 Audio Download – $7.99 Audio CD – $10 When Will the Rapture Happen? Part A OUR SUBJECT TODAY, WHEN WILL THE RAPTURE HAPPEN? EVERYONE WANTS TO KNOW, IS […]

To Sabbath or Not to Sabbath

Purchase To Sabbath or Not to Sabbath by Irvin Baxter HD Video Download – $14.99 SD Video Download – $9.99 DVD Video – $20.00 Audio Download – $4.99 Audio CD – $7.00 The Sabbath Our subject today is “To Sabbath or Not to Sabbath”. There are so many different opinions. And both sides to this question hold their opinions sincerely. Many people believe that we should still keep the sabbath exactly like they […]

The Second Coming

In our previous lesson of Understanding the Endtime we talked about the seven trumpets.
The Second Coming of Jesus will occur at the sounding of the seventh trumpet.
We’re going to learn the details of what happens at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

The Kingdom of God

Most people, even Christians, don’t really understand what the Kingdom of God is.
So, what do we mean by the Kingdom of God and what do you and I have to do to be included in the Kingdom of God?

The 7 Trumpets

There are three groups of seven found in the Book of Revelation: seven seals, seven trumpets and seven vials.
These make up the skeletal structure of the Book of Revelation.

The Coming One-World Religion Part 1

The Bible prophesies that there is coming a one-world religion.
The scriptures actually say that in the endtime there will be a one-world government, a one-world religion and a one-world economic system.

The Coming One-World Religion Part 2

All will worship the antichrist and his one-world religious system, except those whose names are in The Lamb’s Book of Life.
The Bible teaches us that there is a penalty for all of those people that, in fact, do end up conforming to this one-world religious system.

The Antichrist and the False Prophet

The Bible foretells that the endtime holy roman empire will once again be ruled by a political leader and a religious leader.
The political leader will be a man called the antichrist and the religious leader will be the false prophet.

666 Mark of the Beast

The Bible prophesies a time when every person will be required by the antichrist and his world government to have a number.
Without this number, you will not be able to buy anything or sell anything.
But in order to get your number, you will be forced to worship, or pledge allegiance, to the antichrist and his world government system.

Holy Roman Empire Reborn

If we acquire an understanding of the holy roman empire, we can know what’s really happening in our world today.
Now, the prophecy about the holy roman empire reborn is given to us two different times in the scripture.