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Communists Use COVID as Pretext for Persecution: Xi’s China Church Crackdown Worse Than Under Mao

Christians in China say the latest wave of persecution against them is worse than what the church experienced during the height of Mao’s Cultural Revolution. Christians have suffered ongoing pressures under President Xi Jinping, but they say government oppression has intensified since the onset of the global Covid-19 pandemic earlier this year. July 22nd, 2020: […]

Why Andrew Yang’s push for a universal basic income is making a comeback

For months, lawmakers have been paying attention to and pushing for some form of a universal basic income as the coronavirus pandemic roiled the economy and forced millions of Americans out of a job. It’s the main pillar that former presidential candidate Andrew Yang took up in his campaign, centered around the premise that a UBI could […]

It’s Official: America Is Following China’s Lead – Contact Tracing Is Here – Say Goodbye to Freedom and Hello to State Control

  In May we reported on our concerns with contact tracing and our loss of freedom as a result of this practice.  We reported that contact tracers will track you and tell you what you can and cannot do. You will be a puppet of the state. You must do what they say for the greater good. […]

‘Israel will never allow Iran to establish itself on its northern border’

Interviewed on Reshet Bet, Minister of Intelligence Eli Cohen (Likud) said that he does not believe that economists who support the idea of a single-year budget are unbiased, and that he prefers to look for objective opinions on the matter. “No one can predict when the coronavirus epidemic will end,” he said, “and it’s quite possible that […]

Serious revolt against Marxist doctrine on campus, new push for ‘image of God’

Alumni from Biola University have launched a petition asking administrators of the evangelical Christian institution to affirm their biblical foundation and repudiate a petition that pushes critical race theory. The alumni describe the Marxist theory as “a postmodern ideology that perceives people as not essentially equal and rejects our common humanity being grounded in the […]

Guaidó’s Venezuela wants embassy in Jerusalem, ambassador says

Venezuela under Acting President Juan Guaidó’s wants to set up an embassy in Jerusalem, its ambassador to Israel Rabbi Pynchas Brener told The Jerusalem Post on Monday, as members of Guaidó’s party and others formed a pro-Israel caucus in the Venezuelan national assembly. The Venezuelan Parliamentary Israel Allies Caucus held its inaugural meeting on Monday as a […]

The Great Reset

“The Great Reset” will be the theme of a unique twin summit to be convened by the World Economic Forum in January 2021. The 51st World Economic Forum Annual Meeting will bring together global leaders from government, business and civil society, and stakeholders from around the world in a unique configuration that includes both in-person […]

Building trust in biometrics and building trust with biometrics present industry with related challenges

Trust in biometrics for applications from digital health credentials to humanitarian aid delivery, as well as how to build up trust in work and other social environments with digital ID and biometric technology, is the theme of the week’s top news stories on Biometric Update. An insider from Mitre Corp., reports from the IEEE, World Economic […]

EU’s Barnier Believes Deal With Post-Brexit Britain Is Possible: Sources

The European Union’s Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier expressed confidence at a closed-door meeting with member state envoys to the bloc last Friday that a new deal with Britain was possible, diplomatic sources have told Reuters. His comments after the latest round of EU-UK negotiations contrast with his downbeat public assessment that London’s rigid positions on […]

Pentagon ‘Orbital Outpost’ in the Works, Would Be Major Step for American Military in Space

The Defense Department contracted with a Nevada-based company earlier this month to develop a space outpost from which military research and operations could be run. The move by the Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Unit marks an important step as rival nations like China and Russia maneuver to militarize space. The Sierra Nevada Corporation said in a news release it […]