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Why We Believe in a Post-Tribulation Rapture

19 Proofs we are Living in the End Time We are asked quite often why we believe in a post-tribulation rapture. The 19 points below explain our position.   Matthew 24:29-31 clearly says that the rapture happens after the Great Tribulation. Some will say that “the elect” in this passage applies to the Jews, but […]

A Message From Irvin Baxter | November 2017

I’m writing this letter from an airplane over the Atlantic Ocean as Judy and I are on our way to Israel. Even though this will be around my thirtieth trip to the Holy Land, I still feel the anticipation that only the land of the Holy Scriptures can bring.   Just two days ago, Israel […]

A Message From Irvin Baxter | October 2017

What a month we have just come through! I suppose the high point of events was the speech from President Trump at the United Nations.   Most of us have been watching the president closely to determine whether he is keeping his promises or not. On the campaign trail, he was very outspoken concerning the […]

Could the Final 7 Years Begin in September? | August 2017

Preparing for the Jewish Temple If we think the fulfillment of the Bible’s prophecies is slowing down, we are mistaken. If anything, things are speeding up! Jewish Visits to Temple Mount Set Record The Bible prophesies the Temple Mount will soon be shared and the Jews will build their Third Temple there. On August 1, […]

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Prophecies Being Fulfilled | July 2017

I pray this post finds each of you enjoying God’s blessings upon your life. Thank you so much for your faithful support to Endtime Ministries. As the fulfillment of the prophecies during the end time continues to accelerate, we are filled with a sense of urgency as never before! Prophecies being Fulfilled Now Even though I […]

Season of Miracles

The Miracle Called Endtime Over the past 30 years at Endtime Ministries we have seen miracle after miracle. God has supernaturally met our needs. We documented some of them in our story on DVD. We titled it “The Miracle Called Endtime.” In this video, Irvin and Judy Baxter with their daughter and son-in-law, Dave and […]

The Dangerous Conflict With North Korea | June 2017

North Korean President Kim Jong-un has openly stated that North Korea will develop intercontinental ballistic missiles that will reach the United States. Since North Korea already possesses nuclear weapons, President Trump sees the development of missiles that can reach the U.S. as an existential threat to America. He has stated that under no circumstances will […]

From The Desk of Irvin Baxter | May 2017

The World’s Worst War I want to begin by sincerely thanking each of you for your faithful and generous support of Endtime Ministries. You are very important to us and so much appreciated! As partners with us, I feel you deserve to know what is going on inside Endtime Ministries. Therefore, I would like to […]

The Trump Peace Train Has Left the Station

Will Trump’s Peace Push be Successful? It’s impossible to not talk about it! After all, when it happens, it will be the greatest prophetic fulfillment in the last 2,000 years! Furthermore, the movement toward this fulfillment appears to be greater than we have seen for many years…perhaps ever! I’m talking about the event that, when […]

The Armageddon Collection

Another World War is Coming We live in such an exciting time! You and I are watching things come to pass that the Bible prophesied about 2,000 years ago. I would not want to live in any other time in the History of the planet. We are approaching the ultimate battle called the Battle of […]