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Im writing this letter from an airplane over the Atlantic Ocean as Judy and I are on our way to Israel. Even though this will be around my thirtieth trip to the Holy Land, I still feel the anticipation that only the land of the Holy Scriptures can bring.


Just two days ago, Israel National News reported the Trump administration was preparing to unveil its much-anticipated peace plan for the Middle East. According to the article, the plan will take a radically different approach than other attempts at producing a Middle East peace plan have taken. President Trump is working toward a “regional normalization” between Israel and the Arab world at large. He apparently believes, if he can broker peace between friendly Arab nations and Israel, peace between Israel and the Palestinians will come about more easily. By now you know that the peace agreement presently being negotiated between Israelis and the Palestinians will mark the beginning of the Final Seven Years to the Second Coming of Jesus and the Battle of Armageddon.




Many of you contributed to Endtime’s critically needed software upgrade in anticipation of this prophesied peace agreement. I’m very excited to tell you that the goal of $200,000 for this project has been met! We have made the purchase and the installation and training is in progress at this moment. Thank you!

The American-Israeli Alliance

Since the rebirth of the Jewish nation in 1948, the United States has been Israel’s best friend, by far. It appears that friendship is growing stronger than ever.


UNESCO, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, has always been very anti-Israeli in its activities. However, recently it has become even worse. In the last few months, UNESCO declared the Temple Mount to be a Palestinian Heritage site, with no acknowledgement of Israel’s historic interests there. A short time later, UNESCO declared the tombs of the patriarchs in Hebron a “Palestinian” heritage site, with no mention made of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who are all buried there.


These two acts were the straws that broke the camel’s back. America announced it would withdraw from UNESCO. Israel quickly announced it was following the U.S. out of this abusive organization. These actions by the United States and Israel have tremendous implications for the UN body, since America provides twenty percent of the UNESCO budget.


What does all this mean today prophetically? Revelation 13:1-2 depicts the end time world government of the Antichrist. The leopard (Germany) is there. The bear (Russia) is there. The lion (Great Britain) is there. The big element missing is the eagle (the United States). The U.S. is glaringly absent.


However, the eagle is portrayed one chapter before Revelation 12:13-14 defending Israel against the end time world government of the UN. It is clear  Israel and the United States will stand together against the Antichrist and his emerging one-world government. As we can see, the stage is already being set for this prophecy of the end time to be fulfilled.

Annual Jerusalem Prophecy Conference – November 6, 2017

Our annual Jerusalem Prophecy Conference will take place in the Pavilion Auditorium in downtown Jerusalem on November 6. I will be speaking on “Peace or Armageddon”?—Trumps “Ultimate Deal”.


I will be answering the question, “Peace or Armageddon”? There is going to be a peace deal, but it will pave the road straight to the Battle of Armageddon, seven years later.


We have used the Internet and social media to advertise this conference to the people of Israel. God loves the Jewish people, and the time of their exile is over. The time for their prophesied revival is now at hand. We believe prophecy will be an important tool to lead the Jewish people into the future that God has for them. Pray with us about this event.


We will be offering the opportunity for those in attendance to sign up for our physical Jerusalem Prophecy College or to enroll in the online version of the college that is now available anywhere in the world.


If any of you would like to enroll in the Jerusalem Prophecy College online, please go to our website: www.jerusalemprophecycollege.com. You will find all the instructions there concerning how to enroll.

Endtimes Fall Prophecy Tour

Our tour group of 75 people will be joining Judy and me six days from now. All of the tour members will attend the Prophecy Conference, plus they will be able to participate in the production of an Endtime radio broadcast. This will take place from our college in downtown Jerusalem.


There is simply nothing that can impact your life like physically experiencing an Endtime Prophecy Tour. Our next tour will be April 26-May 11, 2018. It will include 12 days in the Holy Land plus an additional option for three days in Jordan. Why not start planning right now to come with Judy and myself to visit Jordan and Israel—the two nations the Bible specifically foretells will never fall under the power of the Antichrist.


I find myself wondering with every letter I write to you if the next partner letter will be announcing the beginning of the Final Seven Years. It is definitely going to happen. The only question is “when”.


In the meantime, we are working every single day to spread the critical message the end time has now arrived. Your support as we work diligently toward this goal is so important and very much appreciated.


Jesus gave us the Great Commission. He said to go into all the world and teach all nations about the Kingdom of God. All of our efforts here at Endtime Ministries are centered on that goal. We have published Endtime magazine bi-monthly since 1991; we have conducted Endtime’s radio program daily since 1998; we have been on worldwide television networks such as TBN, Daystar and many others since 2010; we have conducted yearly tours to the Holy Land since 1993; we have held prophecy conferences all over America and around the world almost every week since 1986; our presence on the worldwide web and social media is reaching millions each month; and our Jerusalem Prophecy College was founded in 2013. It is now available online and already has hundreds of students from 28 different nations. We expect this to grow to thousands of students from every nation on earth.


Partners, none of this would be possible without your faithful prayers and support. Every one of you is important and so much appreciated! Together we will preach this gospel of the kingdom to every person on earth, just as Jesus prophesied!

Endtime’s Foremost Goal

As God provides additional finances, we want to expand Endtime’s television, radio, and Internet reach around the world.

Ways You can Help

We are rapidly approaching the end of the year. Many of our partners like to make special donations at this time of the year.




Some people like to donate stocks or bonds. This has been a banner year for the stock market. If you have stock that has done well and would like to make a special impact, it can be donated to Endtime. You pay no taxes on your increase, you receive a deduction on your taxes for the full value of the stock at the time of the donation, and Endtime is enabled to expand its reach around the world. If you need information concerning how to do this, please call us at 1-800-ENDTIME (800-363-8463) and ask to speak with my daughter Jana.


We love you and are praying daily for you.


Because the Endtime is Now!


Irvin Baxter


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