Government Ending Home School?

August 16, 0200   |   Category: Blog   |  

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One Response to “Government Ending Home School?”

  1. Great show today Irvin !
    I remember Oslo and Israel bending over backwards to reach agreement and the Palestinians wouldn’t have it!
    I saw a Palestinian lawyer in TV who was just going in and in with this 1970’s era colonial propaganda nonsense and the. ‘north’ vs ‘south’ hemisphere ( I also noticed that she was educated in and chose to live in that unjust and hated ‘north’ hemisphere !) , who just ranted and ranted. And I thought ‘ call my country the enemy while you hold your hand out for 730 million a year so your ‘refugees’ can continue to be your propaganda tool?!
    I make no secret that I’m not a ‘Trump guy’ ( no Trump ensigned 1/2 Shekel for me Irvin, thank you), BUT in this Trump is right !

    It’s unfortunate you had to diverge and go on an anti LGBT rant Irvin; this is unseemly for a pastor to do.
    I love, pray and support you but this is wrong.

    • Donald Baltzell

      The preaching of the Gospel has always included the speaking out against sin and always will . If a preacher ever stops preaching against sin than he has ceased being a preacher. If you think that what he said is not sin than you have not read your Holy Bible. If you claim you have read the bible and still don’t see it as sin than you have made a private interpretation and have trusted in your own understanding.

      Read Proverbs 3:5
      Read Romans 1:26-28
      Read 1 Corithians 6:9-11

    • Lane,wrong for what reason? Because he’s not politically correct. No sin is going to enter heaven. Jesus isn’t lollipops and unicorns. He is truth and only truth! You appear luke warm sir.