Appointed Unto Wrath

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Are we Appointed unto Wrath?

By Irvin Baxter

Question: Scott from Florida asked Irvin “Are we appointed unto wrath?”


Answer: I do believe that we are not appointed to wrath and the Bible says that very clearly. However, the Great Tribulation is not the wrath of God; it is the Wrath of Satan. Revelation 12:12 explains that Satan is going to be confined in the earth during the final three and a half years. We are told that Satan is coming down having great wrath and that he knows that he has a short time. And he is going to persecute the woman Israel and the Christians. So the Great Tribulation is the wrath of Satan, not of God. Satan is going to rain down on God’s people and we will be part of that wrath but then God is going to have His own wrath on Satan and we will not be part of that His wrath.


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